Raw Denim Cheap Monday Question Asap

  1. Hi,

    Okay so I am a size 34 (SFAMK) male
    do you think i can fit into size 32 cheap monday raw denim?

    how do cheap mondays run and does raw denim shrink or expand?

    thanks again
  2. Cheap Mondays tend to fit small, although they are not all consistently sized. The raw denim stretches a bit but depending on which season's raw denim you buy, they may be small or true to size.
  3. I'm a size 32 for True Religions, but have to wear at least a 34 or 36 for Cheap Mondays. Very very small!!!
  4. and they shrink. my boyfriend normally wears 27/28s in sass and bide, but has to wear 29 in ksubi and 30 in cheap mondays. and his cheap mondays are still his tightest jeans. hope that helps!
  5. you tend to size up in cheap mondays -- honestly if your bf values his family jewels he wont try to squeeze into a size 32.
  6. Most raw denim runs small IMO so I don't think sizing down 2 sizes will be possible for your BF...especially because SFAM is rather vanity sized too.
  7. Im a 26 in Sass & Bide & Miss Sixty but a 28 in Cheap Monday.

    So i think u basically go 2 sizes up.