ravinstyle.com - WIN A RM "NAUTICAL" NIKKI

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  1. ^Thanks for posting, annaversary!! I just signed up.
  2. thank you Anna!~ i just signed up too!
  3. Thanks! I hope someone here wins mostly so I can stare at the pics :drool: - that blue is so pretty
  4. woo! thanks for posting, fingers crossed a tpfer gets lucky!
  5. Me too. Thanks!
  6. Call me crazy but that looks like Navy Luxe to me. :shrugs:
  7. Yeah, when I saw it I said, "That's my NL Nikki." Mine's mini though and has new hardware. This one has mixed. It's a gorgeous bag! The NL leather is sooo soft. I love mine.
  8. The color and leather look a bit more like iris than navy luxe to me, but it's very hard to distinguish the two colors in photos. I wonder if nautical is really a new color or an old color with a new name.
  9. I thought Nautical Blue looked more like electric blue?
  10. The "nautical" blue nikki looks similar to iris IMO except for the new "mixed" hardware.
  11. Thanks for the link!
  12. I want to see what nautical blue looks like compared to lapis. ever since I found out I got the darker navy, royal MAM, I'm plotting to buy a lighter blue color...but hopefully I can wait it out till an amazing deal comes along in spring....
  13. Thank you!
    Good luck!