RAVES & THANK YOU to addisonshopper!!!

  1. I am not sure if I have posted this in the right section, but I wanted to thank addisonshopper for going above and beyond in helping me secure the red caviar jumbo flap. I posted looking for help with finding this bag last week, and she was nice enough to hook me up with one!! She put up with all my manic, crazy, anxiety ridden emails and was so patient and sweet. I have now made a new friend and am so appreciative of her help and this forum for providing the avenue to meet people like her. Ok I am done and probably sound dorky....:wlae:
  2. kudos to you to ms lady.. I was more than happy to help you out..Isnt this forum the best... Thats what we are all here for. The networking is great..
    You are so welcomemy new BFF (lol) thats what my daughter and her friends say-just post the pics when you get them. It really was my pleasure helping you out and talking back and forth with you through email...
    We also want to thank Laura at Chanel Saks Chevy Chase for doing the deed.
  3. OMG Laura is AWESOME!! I love her! I was just hanging out with her modeling Chanel on Sunday:p . She called me today and has a Red Caviar Jumbo on hold for me. I have one on the way from another store, but she is the BEST. I'm going to give her a shout tomorrow so she can release the bag. If anyone wants a Red Caviar please let me know.:rolleyes:

  4. isn't PF the greatest? i love how all the ladies help each other out!!!
  5. Aww purseforum is the BEST. I just had another tPFer help me out and score a BLACK BABY CABAS. I am so excited and eternally grateful to her. She knows who she is- if you ever ever ever need anything, I will do anything possible!

    I love tPF. *sigh*
  6. same here!!!!
    i had Mon helped to get my white baby cabas:love:
    love TPF and all the people here;)
  7. I'm so happy for you snowycoco!!! :yahoo:

    addisonshopper - you are indeed a sweetheart :love:

    One of SO MANY in our magnificent Chanel forum!!!! :yes: :tender:
  8. Yup, many tPFers are really nice. I met couple that go out of the way helping getting a bag. Congrulation on your beautiful bag.
  9. What a happy ending. Yea!
  10. YAY!!!!!! PFers rock!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart:
  11. Congrats snowycoco!

    What a nice thread...

    Thank you addisonshopper!