Raves on Aleya NY

  1. Just wanted to share some raves on a handbag designer not frequently featured on this board -- Aleya NY. I ordered a Sienna Satchel in Dark Chocolate from her site (Aleya Handbags) earlier this week, and it arrived today.

    It is a beautiful handbag. The leather and hardware are very high quality -- the straps are particularly nice, beautiful braiding and well finished. It has two pockets on the outside (large enough for a cell phone and keys but not for my blackberry), and two zippered pockets on the inside. The lining is a nice quality black grossgrain.

    Here's the best part -- the bag retails for $415, but Aleya is having its winter clearance and I snagged it for $245. YIPPEE!! (While the site says the bag is sold out, I e-mailed them directly and Danielle found one for me.) Aleya is also available at LunaBoston.com and Blondette.com, though both sites are charging full retail for the bag.

    I'm too technically challenged to post my own pics, but here are a few photos from other sites.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. That's cute, I really like the blue one! Thanks for sharing.
  3. I remember seeing this bag in Lucky Magazine; it looks very nice! I would love to have one at that price!:nuts: :supacool:
  4. Congrats on getting a lovely bag! Love reading about new indie designers, although bag browsing is what I do, I don't actually BUY the bags :smile:
  5. Nice looking bags.
  6. Very cute!
  7. Very nice. :yes:

    They look like they're made from good quality leather, too. :biggrin:
  8. Congrats!
  9. That is a nice bag, great deal too!
  10. I purchased this bag in silver and I was NOT impressed.