Raven Symone' Hand Bag

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  1. Does anybody now if you can get the handbag that Raven is carring in the movie college road trip?? My wife wants it and theres a bet that I can't find it, I MUST NOT LOSE!!!!! The bag has multi colored squares and rather large. Thanks for reading :confused1::woohoo::tup:
  2. is this the one you're talking about?

  3. You're too Cute! I wish all I had to do was make a bet with my man to get a bag!;)
    I'm not sure who makes that bag, but surely someone else will be able to place it! Good luck!
  4. thats the one!!
  5. :nuts:YES!!
  6. looks like lucky brand to me
  7. Yes, it's Lucky brand... I think Betty has one (if not this specific one, a similar one) on Ugly Betty!
  8. it is def lucky brand i believe its the large patchwork mail bag sometimes Zappos has it in stock
  9. I'm always impressed by the knowledge and how quickly one can find information on this forum. Everyone here is sooo great!! Just had to share my thoughts!!!
  10. I've SEEN this bag at Macy's!!! it is Lucky.
  11. so - are you gonna buy it for her?
  12. O for sure I'm going to get it for her!! she'll be blown away that I could find for her and then she'll have to pay up on that bet!! Thank you all for your help cause I'm lost when it comes to fashion. Although I do know a good pair of tight fiten jeans when I see one!! :sweatdrop: