Raven Denim - any codes?

  1. my new obsession is Raven Denim Jeans.......does anyone know of any codes for sites that sell them? - i havent found many sites that do

    Thanks in advance
  2. National Jean Company (Live Natty) has a small selection; use code toutie for 20% off.

    Singer 22 has a better selection but code toutie will only get you 10% off.

    And if you're in a non-denim mood, Active Endeavors has a nice selection of trousers and code grechen will get you 20% off.

    Are you looking for a specific style or wash? Most websites only have one or two pairs.

    Frankey's; use code toutie25 for 25% off.

    Rapunzel's closet; use code toutie for 15% off.
  3. If you are in NYC, i saw a bunch at Century 21 last night. I think they were about $49.99...also there is a 20% off coupon floating around for the store.
  4. you are great!! thank you so much!!

  5. thanks! i never saw any @ Century - i am going to check out the one on Long Island this weekend