Raven Capri or Black Fadeout?

Raven Capri or Black Fadeout?

  • Return the Fadeout

  • Return the Fadeout and get the Capri

  • Give the Fadeout another chance

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Veni Vidi Vici

L♥ A♥ M♥ B♥
Feb 7, 2008
So my black fadeout is absolutely gorgeous :tup: but the quality is sort of :tdown: I love the leather since it's a change from all of my coated canvas Lambs and I definitely want a leather lamb bag. I like the Raven capri and the leather is soo soft! It looks like it has better structure than the fadeout. I haven't seen the raven capri irl but I have seen the raven clutch and the remini. It looks better irl than pictures. I didn't really like it at first when I saw the pictures. I like the way the handles are on the capri. The only thing is that I'm not really liking the stripes to the sides of it..but I guess that it would look like of strange without them. I haven't heard any complaints about the capri? Does anyone have the raven capri? how about the other capri's do you like them, how is the quality? Is it the same size as the fadeout? it looks smaller to me. I hope it is a little smaller.

So should I return my fadeout and get the capri?:shrugs: I really really like both but it's just a matter of quality. I really feel bad about returning the fadeout because it is soo cute. I don't feel like hunting down a perfect fadeout and then something else goes wrong like the print rubs off in certain spots. Plus Nordies isn't helping much and pretty much told me to just return it and get something else. I'm kind of afraid to take a chance and not be happy with the quality of the capri and then I'll end up with no leather lamb bags:crybaby:for now anyway until she comes out with more..:P



May 20, 2008
I have seen the raven capri in real life and it is a gorgeous bag. I had a capri for a short time. It was a glazed white one. I ended up selling it because that color/style combo just didn't work for me. Also, on my specific bag, I was having problems with discoloration and that made me dislike the entire bag.

I love the softness of the leather on the Music line. Now my capri did slouch a bit but it didn't puddle like the music leather does. I actually found an affordable (but slightly used) Fadeout on ebay recently and bought it to go with my Offbeat. Just waiting for its arrival. Even with the leather issues, I think the Music line is beautiful and will have more staying power than the raven capri.

I think that you should give the fadout another chance and then hunt the capri down when it gets marked down.


Jun 14, 2007
Any chance you could keep the Fadeout and get the Raven Capri at Off 5th this week with the 30% off coupon?:graucho:

I have an all black capri and LOVE it!! It's one of my most used bags.


foxy lady!
Mar 21, 2007
get the capri VVV! i love it in raven.. i'm thinking to hunt one down myself as the 30% off coupon is in my mailbox.. the leather on the raven collection is a bit structured unlike the other love collection.. but it definitely adds character to the bag.. so go for it.. i have 2 capri and got no problem so far.. :tup:


May 17, 2008
Midwest, USA
Raven Capri.

The weaving of colors is striking and I love the chain detail on the handles. I've never seen the raven in person but I'm so tempted to find one. I have one capri, the frosted silver and it's the LAMB bag I use the most. It's held up quite well.


love shopping!!!
Jun 18, 2008
i love the fadeout. i have the peacock, found a perfect one after a few re-orders, and pre-ordered the smoke. hoping for a black when it goes on sale.

the capri looks nice, but i love the music line. i know the puckering issue. but if i were you, i'd just order another one from nordstrom, and even from shopbop, and you're bound to find a perfect one out of a few.

you seem like you may want the capri more though, so go with your heart. if you can get one or the other on sale, maybe keep both?
May 29, 2008
Ok, after seeing the raven carpi IRL, I will amend my original reply like this:

If a choice of all fadeout colors were laid before me and one raven capri, I would grab the raven capri without even thinking twice about it.

It's a lovely bag and if I had money for *another* bag right now, I would pounce upon one in a heartbeat!


Jan 19, 2006
raven capri! plus they're at off 5th's now and there's some coupon this week, I think?