Ravello PM owners!

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  1. hello ladies, i need your help. ;)
    i'm looking for a shoulder bag i could dress up and down, and it doesnt necessarily have to be big, since i have my speedy 30 for that.

    i was considering buying the damier ravello PM, but i'm wondering if it might be too dressy to wear it casually? are you guys able to pull off this bag with just jeans and a t-shirt?

    and i'd appreciate any other options for me... i'm willing to spend about 800 at most.

    thanks so much in advance! :love:

  2. I think the shape of this bag is wonderful, and could be definitely worn with jeans. I'm not yet an owner.. but may be (hopefully!!) one day ! ;)
  3. oooooh...that is gorgeous! def going on my i-wanna-own-this-one-day-soon list! i think that is the perfect shape for jeans or slacks or even a cute dress.
  4. I loooove the shape of this bag. I think it would be great with jeans!

    I think it's a really youthful, awesome juxtaposition: casual clothing with a really elegant bag. I wear my Chanel 2.55 with a miniskirt and wifebeater.
  5. i think you guys sold me. =) it's just so beautiful i can't resist.
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