Ravello PM or GM:Your opinions?

  1. Hi, What do you think abt the Ravello PM and GM?

    Which one do you think looks better?

    Do you think it's dressy or casual?

    Is it suitable for someone in her 20s?

    Any comments most welcomed!:amuse:
    p10989334_ph_hero.jpg p10989350_ph_hero.jpg
  2. i like the PM better... maybe because i'm considering buying one myself. =)
  3. I prefer the PM.

    The PM seems more versatile whereas the GM seems more casual. Perfectly suitable for someone in her 20's!
  4. I definitely prefer the PM, I think the GM looks kind of bulky
  5. i prefer the pm. it's sleek unlike the gm.
  6. Gm...The bigger...the better...personal preference...depends on how much stuff you MUST carry!!!!
  7. I love the pm. :love:
  8. I love the GM. I love big bags...
  9. I think the Recoleta looks nicer than the Ravello PM...less of a hassle for opening and closing. However, between the Ravello PM and GM I would pick the GM b/c it doesn't just look like another recoleta with a clasp on it.