RAVE: Shiseido Flush Stick

  1. I just love these flush sticks from Shiseido - they go on easily and really sink into my skin. I have Rosy Flush F5 - love love love it!
  2. Is this a blush?
  3. Yes, please tell us more, I'm a blush junkie!
  4. Here's the item i'm talking about:

    Here's the description:
    The Makeup Accentuating Color Stick
    For brilliant luster and added dimension, this multi-purpose color stick highlights eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. Spreads smoothly, adheres well to skin, and maintains a lustrous, crease-free finish. Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizing factor. Contains 3-D Powder that gives a natural depth and highlight to the facial contours.

    Size: .35 oz


    I have EVERY blush out there - really... I have over 30 or 40 blushes. It's my KEY makeup item. I was at Sephora the other day and I stopped that the Shiseido counter - these beautiful chunky sticks caught my eye. I love that "just in from a walk in the winter wonderlands" flush - so I tried S5 "Rosy Flush" and fell in love. It went on smooth with just a little blending but finished to a dry power'ish finish (in a good way) - not greasy. Everyone seems to love "peach flush" - so i'll be trying that one next.

    I have oily'ish skin and this didn't break me out at all - which is huge in my book. Yeah, it's not cheap - but you get a huge amount and the packaging is really beautiful. It's like a giant lipstick - so easy to travel with and apply. Also really great reviews on mua.
  5. Will have to try it asap...thanks
  6. It doesn't disappear into you cheeks? Most of them do.
  7. ^^No these are really pigmented - it's still there at the end of the day. It's easy to overdue it - so I start lightly and layer more if I need it. For me cream blushes just last longer, they sink in and really give more glow (especially when I add a little highlighter on top) - as much as I try my power blushes just sort of "sit" on the top of my skin (with the exception of my Shu glow-on's). Also powder wipes off too easily - this doesn't.
  8. may I ask how you blend it? with your fingers? I have only ever used powder blush.
  9. ^^I blend it in with my fingers.

    I also have a creme blush brush (by Paula Dorf) that works too - but I find that my fingers work just as well with this blush.
  10. oh how interesting, thanks for sharing, I must check it out.
  11. Good to see a review!! I became a Shiseido devotee when I bought their eyelash curler. It's a good thing my gel blush is running out, I'll have an excuse to try this, thanks for posting!!
  12. ^^No problem.

    I just purchased the Bronze Flush and Rouge Flush too - i'll add my review when they arrive. :flowers:
  13. Thanks for the review. I will have to try it. I've been using a powder for the summer, but I need a new fall color and something creme is great for the cooler dry weather.
  14. ^^I've found that I just really prefer creme blushes. I think they look more natural less powdery if that makes sense.
  15. Because of your recommendation, I bought the rosy flush - you are right - perfect for travel. They didn't have the bronze flush which was my first choice, but with the winter months coming, the bronze look might not look as "natural" on me. Thanks for the recommendation!