Rave, Rave, Rave for the staff at SF Saks!

  1. Just got back from the Saks in San Francisco and this is my new GoTo store.

    Tino, SA that I just bought my Miu Miu Coffer. I've been agonizing on colors for a week and he was absolutely fantastic and patient. (which, I almost balked and picked up the new brown Gucci Indy which was TDF in real life).

    Lorence, SA for Jo Malone. OMG, he is amazing. He knows how to layer different scents. Picked up the new Blue Agave and Cacao and will layer with Orange Blosson, and with Nectarine and Honey. Amazing, amazing scent. The chocolate is heady but not cloying - a real sort of aphrodisiac. And he layered Blue Agave with other things to make a great scent for hubby. He also threw in a ton of samples. Then took off and grabbed a ton of skincare samples for my hubby (CellMen?). He's also a stylist so I got his card and he does personal shopping, etc. .... free if done at Saks. And he knows great makeup artists and does event planning.

    Then we took a spin through makeup and I wanted to try the Armani luminous foundation. The SA there ended up doing my makeup because we have a party tonight. The kicker? He said "oh, you don't have to pick up these items ... I'm just doing all your makeup because you have a party".

    Ran into Lorence again at Scala's Bistro and he invited us to the Leukemia Fashion Show he's organizing. The man is absolutely amazing.

    I was so impressed because the service was better than Nordstrom's and was MUCH friendlier than Neiman Marcus.
  2. Love to hear when consumers get the fab service we deserve!
  3. I love Saks SF. I haven't had a bad experience there in years of shopping with them.
  4. WOw. I love good customer service stories...and this one is great!
  5. You know, I've always kind of liked Nordstroms's.....but I have been hearing all over this board that the customer service stinks.....and that Saks really will work with you....this confirms it for me, anyway......thank you!
  6. What a nice shopping experience.
  7. I totally agree with you! :tup:
  8. I love SF saks, too! I like that they let you browse and offer to help only ONCE. They really are awesome help, too!

    Lorence sounds awesome, I love Jo Malone and really don't like the counter at NM. I'm going to saks on monday!
  9. I totally recommend Tino as well. He's a great SA.
  10. compass rose - Most of the time I really like the customer service at Nordstrom's. They're probably the most consistent of all store chains. The difference was how MUCH friendlier the Saks staff were. I was expecting snotty ... like what I get at NM at Stanford Mall all the time.

    NM at Stanford totally sucks. I didn't pick up a Dolce & Gabbana there because it was so annoying ... SA on her cell phone. Other SAs griping about another coworker.

    I'm from Hawai'i so I'm usually VERY dressed down. It's hysterical to see who will help me and who will let me stand there forever.