Rave: Pop Beauty Eye Class

  1. I'm a total eye makeup junkie :P :yes: and this weekend in Sephora the POP Beauty Eye Class Brown Eyes wallet caught my eye.

    Granted I've never heard of POP but I loved the packaging :shame: and the array of browns and golds made me fall in :love:. Anyway, it was $32.00 so I bought it and went home.

    Was getting dressed later that night to go out so I decided to use it. The colors looked superglam wet and most importantly they stayed on most of the night.

    The wallet comes in Brown, Blue and Green eyes.


    Pop Beauty Eye Class - Brown Eyes at Sephora

    I also bought Nars the Multiple in South Beach but I have no idea how to use it :shame: :P
  2. ooooh pretty! damn. like i need more makeup.

    ooh multiples are fabulous. i swipe a little on my cheek bones and blend blend blend...you can use your fingers (my prefered method) or a sponge. they also make good creme eye shadow/browbone highlighters and you can use them with lipgloss to change or shimmer up the color. very versital (hence the name)

    enjoy playing with your new toys! :supacool: