Rave: Peter Thomas Roth Moisture Cream

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  1. RAVE: Peter Thomas Roth All Day Moisture Defense Cream, SPF 30!!!!
    Love THIS STUFF!!!!
    I've tried everything!!! I have THE hardest to please skin EVER... Always breaking out randomly when I use moisturizer...well, not anymore!!!! Not even around my period! This stuff is a life saver. Skin feels baby butt soft and my make up goes on so smooth after application. So happy! I strongly encourage everyone to try as both my sister in laws are hooked as well :smile:
    Got at: Sephora
  2. Agree
  3. I third this.
  4. is it for oily skin/is the cream on the heavier side?
  5. It's for combo skin!
  6. It goes on slightly thick but works in nicely... It does MOT feel heavy once make up is applied. You don't feel gooey all day.
  7. Not* not mot*
  8. i gotta this a try!
  9. I have to add... Just started using the face cleanser too... ALSO IN LOVE! People, try this stuff. You can't go wrong.
  10. I've had this for a while and never got around to trying it. I'll definitely give it a try now!
  11. Yes! And I Love the entire Peter Thomas Roth line.