Rave on new Hayden-Harnett bag!

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  1. Okay, First here's the link. I can't "do" pics.

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Item Detail

    It is prettier in person than the pictures, but then for some reason this bag grabbed me from the get-go. This is a Christmas present from my daughter, who wanted to give me a special purse. I couldn't make her pay for the LV Antigua Cabas GM or the Gryson bag I've had my eye on. I'll get those at some point myself and nearer to Spring/Summer on the LV.

    It is just so interesting looking in person, and the quality is first class. It's weighty, with thick leather, but is cuddly soft calf leather. Ahh. VERY easy to carry because it forms to your body.

    . It is also more distressed-looking leather than it appears from the picture. About the same weight as the Fendi Spy, but is easier for me. (The Spy is hard on me when digging around for what I want).)

    Mine is the black Hudson hobo and will be my everyday bag. My husband made his all-time first comment on a bag I've gotten, and said (with sincerity) - "That is a *really* good-looking purse." My gosh. He has never commented on any bag I've ever had, so this was not only a first, but was a compliment to boot. (and is more affordable than most designer bags.)

    No I don't work for them. :smile: In fact, I never heard of Hayden-Harnett bags until reading about this from some on this forum. Just soo psyched and had to pass on the above comments for anyone else who has been thinking about an HH bag.
  2. Oh I LIKE it! I also like the Satchel in Blue Smoke. I gotta get me one of these one day. Beautiful! Congrats. Do you get it now or not till Christmas?
  3. Congratulations on your new bag! What a sweet gift! I love HH! I discovered them on this forum too and can't wait to get more of their bags! Enjoy!
  4. Congrats! It is such a lovely bag. Don't worry i can't "do" pics either..:smile:
  5. Oh, thanks everyone. She told me to carry it now and see how I like it. (I LOOOVE IT) Then, at some point, she is going to take it away and wrap it up for Christmas. :crybaby:

    I think I'll pretend of not be able to tell quite yet how much I like it. :graucho:

    The smoke blue does look pretty. I'll bet it is lighter (by a little) than the picture because my black one isn't as saturated a black as it appears from that link. Let us know if you do get it. :smile:
  6. This is a really pretty bag. Don't you love the leather on the HH bag? I just want to smoosh my face in it!
  7. I did just smoosh my face into it. :smile: Funny, right before I read what you said. The leather is just different from most leathers - in a way I can't describe. I almost always get leather bags, as opposed to canvas, for instance, so I've felt all kinds of it. This company is going to take off, imo, and I'm going to be ahead of the game before it does. When someone mentioned the satchel, I started thinking about it...plus the Ana bags. Somebody slap me. I'm outta control here. :hysteric:
  8. It is such a nice bag! Congratulations!!

    I'm a big fan of Hayden-Harnett now. Their design just fits my style so well and the quality is great! Just got the Lorca luxe and Mercer satchel on the way. And, already start thinking about a Nico XX, not mentioning the Barnard crossbody and the Suki ladybag in the HH catalog I received yesterday....I'm out of control too......
  9. I just did a post on h-h bags in my blog if you want to check out my favorites. I love that bag and I love the satchel too! I've never seen one in person, though...would love to.
  10. Here's an article on their bags and on the designers of Hayden-Harnett. I had a decorating/design shop when we lived in another town, and our approach was defintely the same as far as design and doing things a little different. In looking at my bag, I can see the little things the article talks of that makes them so unique. One interesting thing that is not mentioned (I don't think...it's late) is that they just started their business last year. There is a distinctive quality and attention to detail in their work, and I'm hooked on this one bag. Others, shown here, are on the list now. :smile: They look soo much better - quality-wise - than these pictures show. Here's the link to the article:

    Designers: Hayden Harnett Bags - HILARY MAGAZINE
  11. Great blog on them, nerdfrannie. Okay, I've got to have the Nico XX and maybe more. When I saw that in the article, I about had a fit over it and seeing just my one bag, know it will be even better in person. I'm about to become a H-H groupie, I fear. :smile:
  12. Sounds like the perfect bag for you!!!!!!
  13. Congrats on your new bag!!! I have a couple of HH bags too, one leather, one not. I love them!! The leather is fabulous and I really like all the detail on both the bags.
  14. Congrats. It's such a lovely bag!!!! I love HH bags, great leather, great qualiaty, unique designs, great prices, oh I could go on and on......
  15. LOL. My havana hobo was the first bag that my husband ever commented on too. He really liked the leather. I love HH!