rave: ojon hair treatment

  1. i love love love this stuff! :smile:

    it's an oil treatment that's solid at room temp and liquifies in your hands...actually it liquifies even out of your hands if the temp is even 10 degrees over normal...i accidently spilled some of it today though because it's been so hot and i wasn't thinking! :mad: it stays in the fridge now. i hope my hubby doesn't mistake it for a new funny smelling dip! :smile:

    once a week i leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning. every time i use it my dry, brittle, bleached to heck and back hair is soft for days. :love: some people can't stand the smell, but i love it. it's earthy, tobacco-y insense smell. matches my shalimar. :love: you can get it at Nordstrom, sephora or qvc. it's about fifty bucks for a big container (lasts a couple months) or 25 for a small one (about three treatments depending on how long and damaged your hair is) and worth every cent.

    i'm done gushing now. :biggrin:
  2. Thanks for the detailed feedback. I was wondering about this product, sounds great.
  3. I am one who hates the smell but the product IS excellent
  4. i just did my weekly treatment last night and my hair was so soft i couldn't stop touching it. hence the post. :biggrin:
  5. augh, im sorry. i can't pull myself together to purchase it. the scent it too iffy for me. and besides, as a teenager, i can't walk around with a tobacco-y scent in my hair.

    although i do have to say i used my friends glossing serum and it was amazing
  6. ilzabet, I am on Sephora website, is it called "Solid Gold" Restorative Hair treatment? My hair is in need of some tlc. Thanks
  7. I tried this, but it made my hair totally greasy and the smell is awful! Hubby complained and said I smelled like incense. So it went back. But I did try! I think if I had coarse hair it would work, but my hair is fine texture and REALLY thick and long, so it did not work for me.
  8. i used a spray treatment from them and it did nothing. :sad:
  9. I tried it too. My hair looked much more shiny and healthy, but yes, the smell was too much for me. It's really strong, and it lingers...it would be great if they could find a way to make it "unscented" but I guess it's not possible...