RAVE: NYC (New York Color) Products

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  1. I love this company's products. In particular I love their lip and nail products.

    I recently bought one of their newest lip glosses (Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss) and am in love. The color is Riverside Rouge (beautiful deep red) and it can go on as sheer or thick as you want. It is not sticky and has good lasting power. I am ready to test it out over my lipstick.

    The packaging is nice and the tube is really thin.

    ETA: Cheap products but made with great quality. You can get them from any Walmart, Target or Drug store.
  2. I have only bought the nail polish, but i guess i need to look into the lip gloss! Thanks
  3. #3 Dec 11, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2010
    I love the lipsticks. They're soooo creamy. I have Caramel, Sugarplum, Berry Rich, Brandy Sparkle, and Garnet.
  4. I remember my mom buying me these when I was younger because they were so inexpensive.. maybe I should have a look again.
  5. I think NYC has defintely come a longgg way. I have tried many of their products, and fell inlove with most. They are generally hit or miss
  6. I haven't used many of their cosmetics - mostly just nail polish when I was younger. However, I do have their matte bronzer (in Sunny?), and it's pretty good for $2-3. I believe there are a lot of reviews on this bronzer, but I would recommend it!
  7. i use to use their liquid liner and eye shadow. idt i ever used their np... i liked their blush as well :smile:
  8. I use the Blushable Cream sticks weekly and have never made my sensitive, acne prone skin break out. Tarte cheek stains, on the other hand, break me out. $5 compared to $30...
    I also have one of their eyeshadow palettes, it's highly pigmented and long lasting.