Rave: MAC Nocturnelle Nail Polish!!!

  1. I posted a thread awhile back asking advice on black nail polish. It was a toss up between OPI and MAC, but I went with MAC....

    I LOVE THIS STUFF! I currently have nail polishes by: Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Jessica Nails and Givenchy. I really think MAC is my favorite polish ever. It is the perfect consistency and it dried really quickly. The best part is that it only took 2 coats and it is the darkest black I've ever seen.

    I put Sally Hansen Supershine Top Coat on this morning and it looks even more amazing. I haven't personally tried Chanel Black Satin, but one of my friends wears it all the time. I think this looks just as good, if not better and it was half the price :yahoo:
  2. cool, is it limited edition? the only mac nail polish I have is steamy and I like it even though I'm a chanel nail polish collector.
  3. Hmm. I honestly have no clue if its limited edition. But Nordstrom.com has it right now and its only $10.