RAVE for SA at BalNY/My 04 Lilac is coming home!

  1. Some of you may remember that the side stud of the 04 Lilac first fell apart completely a week after I received it. :wtf:
    I sent it to Sarah at BalNY right before my vacation and I just got a call from her that she had received it today and will be shipping it out tonight with the 2-day option free of charge!:yes:
    The whole time the bag was away she kept me informed every step of the way...when she received it, when she sent it out to get repaired, and when she got it back. I definitely appreciated all of her help since it was the holiday season and I bet it was chaos over at the store. LOVE her for that!

    Thanks for everyone who was sooo supportive during my mini crisis!

    PS. I asked about the tassels, and no 04 Lilac in sight...only bummer.:supacool:
  2. that's great news, chriseve!
    everyone has nothing but good things to say about sarah at balny!
  3. Can the '06 lilac tassels look O.K. with the '04 lilac? I ask because I was thinking of getting some for my '04 lilac weekender.
  4. I ordered the "Parme" Lilac color and it looks just fine, kinda gives it a little something you know? I liked how it looked on my bag:love:
  5. Great news!
  6. hurray! that's wonderful news. sounds like the SAs at balny really know how to treat their customers. :yes:

  7. i would love to see some pix of your lilac 04 WE.:love:
  8. fiatflux--i can only imagine how GORGEOUS it is!