RAVE: Essie " Good to go" top coat

I have 5 children and so I simply do not have time to let my nails dry for hours. I can (if I can keep my nails steady) apply 2 coats of Essie First Base, 2-3 coats of my nail polish of choice and two coats of Essie Good to Go, back to back with little-to-no waiting between coats and within 5-10 minutes my nails are set.

This is the only tc I use now and if it weren't for it, I would cry every time I do my nails because I would inevitably chip/smudge/ruin a few nails and I hate that!
Agreed! I used it a couple of years ago and it didn't impress me much but I recently started using it again and it is amazing! It dries super fast and has a great consistency...I think it will replace my HG Cult Nails Wicked Fast because I can get it at any drugstore rather than having to order online.
Well I guess I'm going to have to try this. I've used OtD, Dior, Dior Gel Coat, Seche Vite and Revlon Colorstay.

My go-to was to do a coat of Revlon Colorstay and then followup with SV 10 minutes later. Sometimes I would do Revlon and then a coat of Dior. But lately I've just been doing Dior. It's been working really well for me, I rarely go more than 4 days with the same polish but obviously Dior is pricey.

My friend raves about Essie but she's not nail crazy like I am and she's never used any other top coat besides OPI lol. But seeing all these comments I think I will definitely give it a try!
I have this but after a couple of days, it starts to peel off completely and look messy. What am I doing wrong??

And bit off topic but I have just been gifted Dior Nail Glow and whilst I know a lot of people dont like it, I love it and it seems quite long wearing.
I just switched to this a few weeks ago. I'd been using seche vite for about a year and loved it but I only liked the first half of the bottle. Idk if that makes sense but as it got low, it got thicker and kind of streaky.

So I thought I'd try something new. And so far I love this !
I just tried this for the first time today. I have a Zoya nail polish on with it. So far so good. It dried my polish really fast and it's nice and shiny. The consistency kinda reminds me of my beloved (but expensive) Dior top coat. I didn't have any shrinkage either. As long as I can get a good 3-4 days wear out of it, I'm sold.
I've been using it for a while too. I just got the new Dior gel top coat and also used other top coats in the past, but this one is my favorite. I never had a problem with that. Always dries very quickly, very shiny too. Never had any shrinkage with it. The only thing I notice with almost every bottle: after using it for a while, when there is only about 1/4 left in the bottle, it gets kind of goopy, so it's harder to apply, because it is thicker. But it really lasts a long time and I definitely reach more for this top coat than any other.
I tried the Essie top coat "no chips ahead" thinking since this one was so great it would be too.... No!!! It's the worst top coat I've used. I thought maybe it was the new polish I'd just bought but I tried it with another and same results. I switched back to Seche Vite temporarily but just because I'm out of good to go.