Rave! Ebay seller Leshent

  1. Hi -- I am not in anyway connected with this seller, and anyway, he has a solid reputation. (Mods, just delete if not allowed.) But I wanted to let you all know...

    I bought a Marc by MJ Schooly satchel recently and (as is my usual) had it shipped to someone in NJ for onward shipping/sending to me outside of the US. Well, it was sent I think requiring a signature, and my friend was unable to receive it herself -- so instead she got a notice to pick it up from the post office. She was unable to do so for almost 2 weeks actually, was planning to do it this weekend. To my shock, I got a message that the bag had been returned to the seller undelivered!!! Pretty embarassed, I requested for redelivery and offered to pay of course. I got a message just now, saying, that they will re-ship just pay the shipping fee.. but a second later, they said, never mind -- will just tack it on to your next purchase!! Now that's customer service! :yes: :biggrin:
  2. cool
  3. see, there are some good ebayers out there. Restores my faith in ebay :smile: (well, almost ;)) lol
  4. I've heard good things about this seller. I have an online friend that has bought bags from Leshent. :cool:
  5. Leshent is legit :biggrin: I purchased my first designer bag ever from this seller, my beloved dark brown Fendi Spy!!!

    Although the prices are higher than retail, but if you can't get the bag any other way, it's a good choice
  6. thats a really good story to hear. :smile:
  7. Leshent has good stuff--I would consider them a seller to be trusted on Ebay
  8. i'm glad you had such a great experience! i still think there are honest ebay sellers out there...
  9. Ive heard Leshent was legit, but I didnt know he was THAT nice!

    Im in the same situation now. I just purchased a bag from him, but it will goto my mom's house, as I just moved to another state. And she will ship it to me. He is on my fav seller's list, he has great gems, and is selective with his inventory. I believe he "personally buys" the bags he sells, or thats what he claims. lol

    Btw, the avy is sooooooo cute. I love to see a lil baby suckin their thumb. :love:
  10. hello all! i am a new member and absolutely obsessed with the spring 07 blue stam from marc jacobs. does anyone know of reputable sellers on ebay or other sites? i am absolutely dying for one and i feel like they will just be harder to get the longer i wait!

    i have also found one in a raspberry color that i am hoping is legit. something tells me the raspberry isn't since it's much less than retail...but any and all feedback appreciated! what do other purse bloggers think?


    also i am able to help other users with gucci questions...i have several and know what markings they are supposed to have, even for vintage ones!

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  12. Nice service! Good to know.
  13. Nice to know and to have a positive posted! Sometimes I have to remind myself that I like eBay...when I read all the negs. I sometimes think I should just back off of it.
  14. Always good to hear about Good Sellers on E-Bay
  15. Another rave for leshent, Im receiving another bag from him next week. LOVE this guy.