RAVE: Chanel Cosmetics SA

  1. Yesterday, my mom and I both took the day off work to go shopping together in downtown Chicago. We went to the old Marshall Fields (or "Macy's on State Street" now --bleecch!) to see the Great Christmas Tree on display in the Walnut Room, and while there, my mom told me she's get me a little "stocking stuffer" of my choice from the Chanel counter :love:

    I picked a beautiful red lipstick called "Blaze" (No. 08) that comes in this awesome click-up case. The counter was soooo busy, though! It was mobbed with women, and one poor man who was trying to buy face cream for his wife, and they were out of stock. :sad: I was almost ready to tell my mom to just forget about it, but then a super-nice SA came out and offered to ring us up at a neighboring counter. She thanked us profusely for staying to buy the product, then loaded me up with free samples! (3 spray vials of Chanel No. 5, and two packets of Chance body creme.)

    I'm really big on good customer service, and like to make it known when I receive service that's exceptional. While I'm not a huge advocate of Macy's, if you happen to be in the Chicago area, I will recommend popping by their Chanel counter :tup:
  2. My Chanel SA is JUST like that, doesn't it feel good to get taken care of like that? Glad to know there are many more out there like her.
    that lipstick color is beautiful, I almost got it but I wanted more of a 'blackberry' color so I got the Garnet Fire LE, it's so intense though! LOL
  3. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful experience, that's how it should be!

    Enjoy your lipstick, I also love Chanel cosmetics!
  4. Love hearing stories about positive experiences. I'm glad it went so well for you! All of my Chanel cosmetics SA's have been great, except for one at a certain Macy's who is the absolute worst. She is so not helpful whatsoever. Last time I went, I asked if she knew when they'd be receiving Blue Satin and she told me how I had no idea what I was talking about b/c the only "satin" they have is Black Satin. lol. That's not even true considering there is also pink satin and I think a white satin, but w/e. Very unpleasant person!
  5. glad to hear about your good experience!!! i've never had good experience at the chanel counter near me... the little old lady who works there is on the crabby side. i know what you mean about the marshall fields/macys thing... i still can't believe they did that! fields is a chicago icon, not macys. i'm glad to hear that they are still keeping the xmas tree tradition. my grandma used to take me there every holiday season to look at the tree, have lunch and do some shopping. i miss those days...

  6. Haha! This is so funny! I actually purchased the last 3 bottle of Blue Satin from my local Macys. I was soo surprised! Bloomies didn't even know what I was talking about. Haha!
  7. LOL, lucky you! I swear the lady gave me the weirdest stare and acted like I was crazy. I'm glad I was able to get it from Chanel's site, it will be here Friday! How do you like the color so far?
  8. Thanks for the tip! The only time I've gotten Chanel in Chicago was at Nordstrom downtown, and the lady there was horrible! I asked for samples after buying more than $150 dollars worth of products, and she was like, "Chanel doesn't really give out samples. It's only for fragrances". But I knew that they had samples for skin care, so I asked about it, and she wanted to know the exact sample I wanted. I don't use the line, so I just asked for a moisturizer, and she claimed that they didn't have any! I would never, ever go back to her!

    At least now I'll know to go to Macy's instead!
  9. What did SA do for the senior man? Did she offer to call him when they get more in?
  10. Glad to hear a positive experience! The ladies from Chanel and Shiseido in my closest Macy's (which used to be Foley's in Laredo, TX), are super-nice. I've never once had a problem with them. Especially the Shiseido lady, she's a doll.
  11. Oh, I love going to my Chanel counter, its like therapy. They all know me when I come in and call whenever they are having an event! As a matter of fact, my Dad has been very ill, the last stages of cancer and passed away Saturday, and my Chanel lady called yesterday just to check on me because I hadn't been in for so long!! That is great customer service!!