Rave: Celine Lefebure Structured Leather Tote

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  1. Any love here for this relatively new handbag designer?

    I decided to invest in a new tote during the recent Bloomingdale's F&F sale. I wanted something simple, timeless, well-constructed, and preferably in a caramel/natural color. I wanted good quality, but didn't want to spend more than ~$600. Finally, I wanted something that was large enough to carry documents or a laptop when needed, but not so large as to be cumbersome for every day use.

    In scanning their selection I ran across Celine Lefebure. I couldn't find a single thread or post about her here, just some tidbits on google. Looks like she's a French designer who began in 2008, but her bags only recently became available in the US (they are made in Italy). Bloomie's only carried four styles from her but they looked so well-crafted and beautiful, so I decided to order the structured leather tote. Didn't really know what to expect and assumed there was only about a 50/50 chance I'd keep it (unfortunately there are no Bloomingdales near me, so I couldn't go to the store to see it in person and try it on).

    It arrived today, and I think it's love! The quality is really beautiful. The leather is thick but not overly heavy, and the stitching and workmanship looks fantastic. This is a very simple bag that I expect to use for a long time. Love that the shoulder strap is adjustable and that my iPhone 6s fits in the slip pocket.

    The retail price is a little over $600, but I paid less than $500 with the 25% off code!

    Anyways, wanted to share some pictures since there doesn't seem to be any info about this designer on PF! I'll post some mod shots later, too. :smile:







  2. This is gorgeous! I love the color, the red lining, the the fact that it's made in Italy! And you got a great deal on it, too! Win win win!
  3. I love the natural leather-like LV vachetta! Congrats on this timeless classic!! :smile:
  4. Thank you!

    Yes, that's exactly what it reminds me of! I'm sure it'll develop a patina and character all its own over time. :smile:
  5. It's beautiful and looks very well made. Congratulations!
  6. Lovely. Congrats! TheBagHag is a fan of Celine Lefebure on IG and that's where I found this brand. Hoping to get maybe the saddle bag or a clutch. The bucket bag seems more versatile than Mansur Gavriel's as well.
  7. gorgeous!
  8. Here are a few mod shots. It's a pretty good size tote, but it's slim so it doesn't feel bulky.

    For reference, I'm about 5'8" and usually wear a size 0/2.



  9. Thank you! I was so excited to finally wear a spring dress! It's been so cold here.

  10. Great bag. [emoji4] And thanks for sharing this not so well known designer with us.
    Your mod shots are gorgeous. [emoji7]
  11. TOTALLY LOVE this tote on you....it's perfect proportion! Beautiful color & details in this bag. Congrats & I will google her brand as I've never heard of her. :smile:
  12. Thank you! :smile:

    Thank you! Someone just said this to me the other day actually! I guess as I am on the taller side, the bag is complementary. :smile:
  13. Thanks so much for all the pics. It so suits you. Also love that it's made in Italy. Bet NYT critic Cathy Horyn would characterize it as "modern,"or one of her other words for worthy designs.
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