RAVE: Banana Boat Powder Dri Sunscreen (Good news for Aussies)

Oct 30, 2006
This is weird rave... but I'm in a strange mood! :P

Whilst waiting for my order of Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen to arrive from the US (we don't have this here in Australia :sad:) I bought a bottle of Banana Boat Powder Dri sunscreen (SPF 30+) today and I have to say how much I love it!!! It is not like any other sunscreen I've tried. It's not the least bit greasy or sticky! It doesn't feel like sunscreen at all!!! Nor does it give that shiny sunscreen appearance! It feels very light. With other sunscreen I usually feel like I've got an extra layer of skin and it's particular sticky when it's humid. So I usually prefer to go without sunscreen... a big no no!
So far this hasn't given me that sticky feeling! Yay!!! :yahoo: Aussie girls, I think this is so far our best alternative... It's pricey at AUD$15.00 a bottle, but worth every cent! I think Banana Boat is a US brand, so I'm sure it's available overseas as well!

(I wonder when my Neutrogena will arrive...? )
I love banana boat that's pretty much all I use for holidays after I've been in the sun I usually have a bottle of the lotion or aloe gel sitting in a fridge (or sink with water and a few ice cubes if no fridge) smoother your skin really heavy with it and just lay out on a towel let your skin drink in as much as it needs really good for prolonging your tan and helping prevent peeling