Rave about La Mer

  1. I have been fighting difficult skin for years, I have combo skin, My cheeks are normal/day and my tzone can get very oily.. I have used proactiv, pevonia, & dermalogica skin care and none of it seemed to do anything for my skin, Well a few weeks ago I started using the La mer line. I purchased the foaming cleanser, radiant infusion, refining facial, eye concentrate, and moisturizing gel cream. I absolutly love my skin now, Its fanastic!!! I HIGHLY recomment La Mer products, It is $$$ but IF you can afford it I highly recommend it :tup:
  2. I only use La Mer moisturizer on my face and body because Shiseido skin care is better for me, but I LOVE it and it truly is a lifesaver. :p
  3. Great to know, Cher! I'm glad you've found something great for you! I'm a bit betwixt and between at the moment and am on the hunt for something to assist my dry cheeks and an oily t-zone so...I will have to check out La Mer further (I use their eye cream and love it).
  4. I've been dealing with dry, papery, winter skin, so two weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought the creme. My skin is in love!!! I only have to use a tiny bit, but dry skin no more! I know it is a great moisturizer, but are there any anti-aging benefits to it to address hyperpigmentation, fine lines, etc?
  5. I just switched over to La Mer a little over a month ago too. My skin is practically flawless now and I am so happy.:yahoo: It is super $$$$ but as much as I spent trying things that didn't work I guess it's even. The cleansing foam is THE BEST!! But I can't decide if the tonic is worth the money, I like it because it is so gentle I can go over my eyes with it. But $60???
    How do you use that "radiant infusion"? Have a sample of it.
  6. My daughter gets winder wind burn and her cheecks are bright red when she has a cold too. The only product that works overnight is LaMer cream. It is great for burns too.
  7. Glad you found something you love! I've been toying with the idea of trying La Mer but it would greatly dent my pockets.. so it's Shiseido til I run out lol.

  8. I use the radiant infusion after I cleanse on a dry face. I use it instead of a toner, I pour alittle in my hand, rub together, then massage it into my skin. Then I moisturize. I love it.
  9. I'm really debating trying the La Mer moisturizer after hearing such rave reviews about it not only here but everywhere else! Would I really be skimping by only using the Creme and not the other La Mer products like the face wash? I can't justify spending $65 on that when I can spend $8 on Cetaphil and it works spectacularly!

    Also, about how long does a 1oz. jar of the Creme last for most of you?

  10. A 1 oz.jar should last you months. I only use a pea sized amount. 1 oz lasts me 3-4 months and I use it religously every day..

  11. Even though the cleanser is $65 you seriously only use a pearl sized amount, rub your hands together and you will have sooooo much foam its nuts... It really does last a long time and alittle goes a very long way. Also my moisturizer is going to last forever, I barly run 3 fingers over the top (skimming it) and its plenty
  12. I don't think the whole line is necessary, the creme works wonders on its own. I just have this weird hangup about having to stick to one line. If the cetaphil works for you then stick with it and try the creme.:tup:
    Hey Cheryl, thanks for the tip about the "radiant infusion", think I'll try it out tonight. Don't you just love that cleansing foam? It doesn't dry me out at all.
  13. ^^ i love the cleansing foam, its very soft and nice feeling too
  14. I bought the creme a few weeks ago and it's perfect for my dry skin! I used the lotion before but didn't find it hydrating enough. I don't use the whole line. I use Cetaphil to cleanse with and apply a serum from Boots No. 7 line. Then I use the eye concentrate and apply it with the applicator it comes with, next I use the little wand and take a little bit of the cream out and smooth it over my face.
  15. Yes, use the little paddle they give you to take just the right amount of creme out of the jar. Don't dip your fingers into the jar. That's a big no-no.
    I store my jar and paddle/scoop on a shelf in the bathroom so the paddle stays away from coming in contact with other products and such and stays clean. I also wash it periodically.