Rave about La Mer...

  1. I switched over to La Mer last week because my skin just keeps getting drier every year. And I thought it may be more suited for my rosacea. I am using the cream, the cleansing foam and the tonic. The first few days it didn't seem to do anything, my skin was still flaking and dry. But this morning I woke up to the SOFTEST skin ever and the redness and pores are almost gone. I only had to use a little concealer under my eyes and on a couple of capillaries!!! I am so excited, I hope it continues working!! Just thought I'd share in case anybody else was having issues.:tup:
  2. la mer didn't really work for my skin last year, but this winter my skin is loving the creme, and i'm completely in love with the radiant infusion :tup:.
  3. I found the cream a little heavy so use the lotion I haev a dry patch that it's not clearing but they gave me a test pot of cream so now I use the lotion everywere then the cream on the dry spot once it clears back to the cream all over
    La Mer is awesome
  4. Dreamgirl, what type of la mer are you using? I know there is the lotion (which I liked) the creme and now a gel? Just wondering as I have rosacea too.
  5. Lorebunde,
    I am using the creme. It did take a few days for it to calm my face down. With this cold winter weather it was very red and dry. What kind of foundation do you use? Just curious because I am looking for a new one.
  6. I have been looking for a new face cream lately. Glad to hear it worked out good for you. :tup:
  7. I've been using boots no. 7 foundation in blonde and love it! I have to say my rosacea is not too bad. Mostly around mouth area. It gives me enough coverage and doesn't break me out. It was only $14.00 so to me a steal.
  8. I use the cream and I like it for super dry spots on my face like my nose. It has made a tiny scar I had completely disappear. I also use the La Mer loose powder which I recently bought. It isn't bad so far. =)
  9. I'm in love with this stuff too. The cheaper alternative for me is philosophy hope in a jar. :tup:
  10. Priiin, would you recommend Hope in a Jar for oily combination skin? I'm still in search of a great moisturizer and have often thought about using this one, but was unsure if it would suit my skin type (oily in t zone). :s
  11. I have a oily t-zone as well and I would highly recommend La Mer. I use the lotion as well as the gel but with the cold climate lately I have been using the creme. All the products are wonderful and do not make me break out nor do they produce more oil
  12. I have oily t-zone skin too and I use the gel only and it's wonderful. I don't know if it actually "stops" the oily look but when I use the gel, my face is not as shiny. Also the gel works great for me because it absorbs instantly and is not as thick as the creme. I live in Florida and it's hot and humid here year round so the creme is way to thick for me. Highly recommend the gel.
  13. Another oily t-zone girl here! I love the La Mer cream and use it all over my face, neck and decolletage. Haven't found that it made me break out at all. I think it's different for everyone, though--I have some friends who tried it and didn't like it--it made them break out or feel greasy. Best bet seems to get a little sample jar/smallest jar possible and see how it works for you.

    But I love the cream--it is so soothing and you can put some on before you go to bed and wake up looking completely refreshed, with baby-soft skin. As Michael Kors says, "it's a spa in a jar!" :p
  14. I switch my creams around because I buy too many but I really like the Elizabeth Arden capsules but my fave is the Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Cream for night time. I love La Mer as well. I thought the cream was too thick but now that it's winter time, I love it because it's what my skin needs. During the day, I usually pay a little bit of the LM gel cream in my hands and pat over my face to give me a glow. I feel it is the perfect texture for that and it gives my face one more piece of protection. My fave LM product is their body cream. I will never switch. I love the smell. It just makes me feel like a million bucks. Their hand cream is good too but I don't think I will buy it again. I do like their gel cleanser.
  15. I have combo skin too and I have not had any problems with hope in a jar! I normally use the gel version of La Mer which is a little lighter but during the winter when my skin tends to be more dry I use the regular cream. The key is to not overload your face with it and just moisturize where it is absolutely necessary. I do not moisturize my t-zone, which is the oily part of my face, unless it is somewhat dry. I normally do not have to.