Rats, should i pass on the PST/GST when trusty SA give me a NO!?


Yay or Nay?

  1. Nay->trust SA

  2. Yay->PST/GST? color? hardware?

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  1. i am depressed now :sad: , just had a conversation w/my tursy SA, told her i want to get a PST-thanks to Chanel in Action tread:p , but she told me PST's size is more 'mature', GST should look better for someone your age (23), also Nicole Kidman carry GST too......em it's obviously i don't have Nicole's body nor her bank account....:push: This is the first time i disagree w/her, so i am turing to my trusty tPFer's opinion. I like PST more than GST b/c:
    • already have same size tote similar to GST, which i tend to thow in tons of 'just in case' items, not a good habbit.
    • need an easy on the go small tote roomy enough JUST FOR my essentials-long wallet, phone, agenda, sunnie w/case, pack of gum and lip gloss, perhpas Tides to go pen depending on outfit.
    • durable yet classy, bags i can carry regardless age.
    • PST's strap fits great on my shoulder b/c mine are very narrow, straps tends to slipp off, so the leather portion of the strap helped out big time.
    • I like my Chanel Classy, GST seems a bit too casual for me.
    • Saks EGC event on Thursday! lol, i know, but it's a bonus i can't resist.
    So what do you all think? A little back ground of me: Taiwanese(*waves@ happie_berrie:nuts: *), 23, 168 CM/5'6", 125 pounds, full time student w/full time job-so u can see why i like to 'treat' myself, lol. Chanels i own are Med. black lambskin classic flap w/Gold hw, med. pink carviar lambskin classic flab w/Gold hw, White patent um i don't know name flap w/feet and silver hw.
  2. i think no matter why anyone things you should buy what you love and you feel good wearing, if you trying it on and love it than go for it!!
  3. I saw the brown PST this weekend at the Palm Beach Gardens Chanel boutique and it was gorgeous! :heart: I'm 22, and I would carry it. You should get what you like :smile:
  4. I'm surprised you find the GST casual... in fact, I think it's a generally formal-looking bag, as far as large bags go: conservative colors, structured, hardware. That all sounds very un-casual to me. Also, casual doesn't necessarily negate a bag's "class..." I don't really see anything unclassy about a GST.

    If you really just need a bag for the essentials, get the PST. It seems, though, as a student, you'd get more use out of the GST since it can easily fit binders, notebooks, etc.
  5. You should get the PST, for all of the reasons that you listed. The PST does look dressier to me. I love my GST because it does seem a little more casual!
  6. Get what YOU like. And the PST looks nice on younger people too!
  7. Why are you listening to her? I think you probably have far better taste than this SA and you certainly know what is right for you!
  8. Buy the bag that YOU love...SA's do NOT have the final word!!!
  9. I love my PST! It holds all of my essentials... a long wallet, phone, keys, small make up case, some papers and my sunglasses. I love the size...it's perfect for me. I carry it while dressed casual or formal.
    I feel the GST is too big for me and also tends to fall off my shoulder (I have narrow shoulders as well). Get whichever size you feel more comfortable with...they both look great!
  10. Go into the store and see if it looks good. If you love the style and the way it looks on you, then get it. Don;t listen to your SA.

    (i'm not a fan of the PST or GST though hehe)
  11. Agree with all the above posts! It is your decision - you are the one paying for it & will be the one wearing it.
  12. MMM..I'm partial..I have a pst so of course I would say 'yes' to getting one! The gst is not for me..I have several large totes and didn't want another one...For my size and purpose I think it's perfect...I think it looks great dressed up or down...Go with your heart...I know it's hard to be swayed some times in the 'moment' of decision while shopping..Go with what YOU like and don't let an SA's opinion sway you...You'll be wearing it, not her...Good luck & post pics when you purchase!
  13. get what u like & makes u feel good. If it is PST, go for it then. U are rite about having too many of the similar size bags. Go for the different size or look.

    If u have a lot of black bags...I would suggest go for different colour ...white(silver hw) or brown (gold hardware)
  14. I have the PST and I'm 23.
  15. IntlSet~i find GST a big more casual b/c of it's size, not it's deign, like you will carry smaller bag to formal events rather than a regular size tote, am i making any sence?:shrugs:

    Jayne1~hum...., i wouldn't abuse my LV or Chanel for heavy duty textbooks, need to carry 3 and each is 2/3 the thickness of yellow pages:yucky: -that's why i have narrow shoulders, darn! lol

    dleesy~I don't have a blag bag, except work hourse Coach stripes tote, and med. classic flap.:shame:

    What colors do PST come in besides beige, black and white? also this lady at Saks told me all PST have gold hardware, is that correct?:confused1: