Rationalizing the Increase

  1. Maybe I have completely lost it. However, I just had a moment of clarity and now I am beginning to question it. Does anyone feel that they would rather spend more on a bag they could use daily as opposed to a bag that they could not? I was just thinking how it hurts me to spend on classics that I can't really use alot but I have no problem paying close to 3k for a bag that I can take out everyday.

    This is all coming to me due to the fact that I picked up modern flap yesterday for 1850 and I have a pink medium flap en route for 1995. I feel like I would rather just wait and put out 2995+tax and get the big brooklyn bag which may be more useful. However, if the bag really blew me away and was SPECIAL I would buy it no matter what price and just use it whenever I could.
  2. I can honestly say I can use any of my bags every day. I have never bought a bag that had specific uses. It helps that I don't carry a lot, just Ludlow wallet, lip gloss, keyes and cell...that's it. So they fit into my flaps as easily as my totes.

    I don't blame you for feeling the way you do....better to wait and save up for the bag you can get the most use out of.
  3. I personally don't buy a bag at this point that I can't carry everyday:shrugs:
    I'm not a "collector" though, like a lot of members.
  4. I consider all of the bags I buy are everyday use bags, including my flaps. I too do not put a lot of things in my bags( I used to have a habit of buying a big bag, then for some reason, I used to just accumulate more crap to put in it). Now I stick with only my essentials: checkbook, cell phone, card case, keys and a pen). SO now, I actually prefer smaller bags to prevent myself from becoming cluttered. I can actually carry an E/W every day with no problem.

    I definitely agree that a bag you spend a lot of money for should be carried. The only exception I see with that is having a spectacular evening bag for special occasions.

    I think that if your flaps are going to sit around, spend more and get the bag that is more functional for you. But I know exactly what you mean....I used to have so many bags that would sit in my closet and I would really just carry my "everyday" bag. I broke out of that....sold them off, and now only buy what I consider that are functional for me and ones that I know I will carry on a regular basis.
  5. All my bags are everyday bags!
  6. I think I'm a collector but I am also a deep believer in function. For this kind of money I want to be sure I will be carrying the bag (hence my current dilemma about keeping the dark silver reissue). With the continuing price hike, I have to think harder and harder about use with each new bag that I buy. I find that if the bag is actually wearable for almost any occasion then it's worth the money.

    But I totally hear you about finding the bag that just makes you weak in the knees and that defies all common sense. For me, I think it might be the Leo bag from this pre-winter collection. It's a tiny bag that borders on evening, but ever since I saw her at NM I can't seem to get her out of my mind. If I see her again I might cave in and bring her home and then wear her everywhere, nighttime or not!
  7. Considering I have such a low budget right now, I have to buy bags I use everyday or else it's a complete waste of money. But I know there are lots of members who are lucky enough to have a lot of money to spend it on what they please, which is great!
    I guess it comes down to what you can reasonably afford.
  8. I am so weak right now over that modern flap, it may be my exception. I am not hearing great things about that brooklyn cabas now. OH GOD! WHY COCO? WHY?
  9. I hear ya! The only reason I took the plunge and got my first Chanel (which was the GST w/silver hw) was because it was so functional AND beautiful. I can easily carry everything I need for both of my jobs, without looking like I'm carrying a briefcase-ya know? It's stylish and gorgeous but it's also something I know I'll carry everyday-probably for a good long time. I'm considering the modern chain flap as my 2nd Chanel bag because it's big enough to carry the essentials day or night and the look of it is workable for day, night, gala, jeans-whatever!
  10. Frankly, I kind of ignore rules as to what I "can" or "can't" carry whenever I want to. I bought it, it fits my style, I'll carry it when I feel like it.

    I naturally dress up more than most and I think a dressy bag just fits my style. Life is short.
  11. All of my bags are everyday bags....I feel that each of my outfits have a certain personality, as such each requires a different bag to complete the overall look - so each day I find myself pulling a different bag from my closet...therefore they all get used. I don't carry just one bag all week....I see other people who can do that but not me, I just can't do it.

    Now, of course there are serious black tie event handbags - like a silver metal clutch from Rodo with crystals...but all the Chanels and other various designer bags are yes, everyday bags.

    I inherited some very extravagant jewels from family and I decided that if I waited for a special occasion to wear them that I would not get to enjoy them that often...so I wear them often...most are rings with large stones...like a 5 carat emerald....the funny thing is that all the large cocktail rings came in fashion so I don't feel like I have to apologize for wearing them now.

    But I think you have to make everyday an occasion to wear whatever you like and feel....whether it is clothes, jewels or a Chanel bag!!!

    Remember life... is not a dress rehearsal. You only live once enjoy your beautiful things!!:cutesy:
  12. wow! you make me want to run out and buy that leo bag and wear it even to the grocery store ;). Actually DH tells me the same thing all the time and I'm the one with some guilt issues over self-indulgence!

  13. LOL!! You haven't left yet!! Get going and post pictures soon!!! :yes:
  14. I'll use any of my bags everyday, I like to switch off. Sometimes I feel like using a larger bag and sometimes I love to be minimalist and use a small flap bag, it just depends on my mood but I HATE to have bags I don't use, probably why I put so much thought into them before I buy b/c I also don't like to sell........
  15. I actually prefer smaller bags because I used to put so much in bigger bags that it was painful to walk around. I like to rotate my bags and probably wouldn't buy a bag I couldn't wear everyday.