Rated M for Mature???

  1. So, what are your thoughts? Are there certain styles in certain leathers/skins that require a rating like M (for Mature Audiences Only) or do you truly believe that all styles can be worn by all ages (just a matter of style)?

    Sometimes I think, no age limits; that it's just a matter of having the style to pull it off but then I imagine a teenager (even if she is very chic) carrying a black croc Kelly and it just doesn't work in my head. For me, that piece carries an M rating.

    What do you think? Any ratings come to mind? Or do you feel all Hermes pieces are "ageless"???
  2. Well, to quote Chris Rock, "you can drive a car with your feet if you want to; that don't make it a good *&^%$ing idea!". LOL

    I personally think that for the most part style transcends age. I think you're never too old for a Blue Jean Birkin, for instance! I *do* think there is such a thing as being too young to appreciate what makes Hermes so special, though. Would I ever let a teenager of mine carry a croc bag (except maybe for one or two special occasions that were supervised)? No.
  3. black box IMO also deserves an M rating. I just cannot see it on a teenager. Same for navy box. The more I think about it.... same for all box really.... M for box.
  4. And toile, really, unless your kid is incredibly fastidious. And lives in a bubble. LOL!
  5. ostrich, lizard and croc -- I guess I view all exotics as requiring maturity.
  6. Would it be wrong to say M for clutches, too? I've noticed the "where did I leave it???" factor is kinda high that way. And ditto for placing them down without noticing if water, dirt, or ice cream (or a beer!) is in that space already...
  7. I think everything in croc deserves a M rating.
  8. I know where your coming from and I think maturity of a person really doesnt define their look. I am a teenager (18) and i wouldn't describe myself as mature, but i feel i could pull of exotics and defiantly box (in fact i have a few accessories IN box) I think it has more to do with the maturity of a person in regards to the way they view fashion. i.e. any hermes on someone like Paris Hilton doesnt fit as she doesnt take fashion that seriously and doesnt respect her things. I think there are many embers on this board whom arent mature (or have relapses) ah Hello barina thongs? Knee pads? blown up penises on your head? Stripteasing bags? (jeeze when i say it like that it sounds so perverse, we must look like the biggest freaks to an ordinary person) anyway we all unit here because we all take fashion seriously, you have to to spend the amounts we do on clothes and accessories. *gets off soap box*
  9. Gosh, now that is a really serious question. At first I was tempted to say, its all about attitude and style.
    But I do think, that all the exotics could poss have an M rating. Maybe because, they need a little more care.
    However, I think that people of all ages, could pull off all the other leather, styles and colours.
  10. It depends on the maturity of the teenager in question. I do see the croc and ostrich as materials that aren't suited for teens. One of my friends is eighteen and she's very mature for her age. She is taking French in college (and also is allowed to tutor the subject to underclassmen) and she loves the culture. So there's no doubt that I could see her carrying a Hermes bag and appreciating what makes it so special. I wouldn't be surprised if her Mom has one, but I never asked. Great thread, AL. I was going to ask this question a few months ago myself. I think a responsible teen who knows how to take care of their belongings could carry a togo (for example) Birkin. Maybe, start them off with a Picotin and see how they handle that before letting them borrow mom's Birkin.
  11. Hmmm ... I see Hermes as a status symbol, as in: I worked really hard, I'm a professional woman, & I bought this bag with my own money.

    Granted, not everyone is like me ... some people are just dripping in money from the day they're born. That said, I think it is inappropriate for a teenager to carry such an expensive bag.

    *hides now*
  12. I really. really don't mean to offend anyone, but Birkins & Kellys on teenagers in general seem a bit much.
  13. I dont wish to get into an argument with anyone (and noone has offended me i promise), but what's the difference between a style conscious 17 year old to that of a 22 year old which shouldn't 'permit' them to carry H bags? I think that children shouldn't carry h bags, I think the latter side of puberty is when it is acceptable depending on the individual and the reasons they wish to carry the bag.
  14. Now what age are we calling Mature?
  15. I believe black box and dark croc especially in Kelly are reserved for M.
    Wait a minute, am i already M????
    I hope so, because i just place an order for a black box kelly:p