Rate Your Koobas!

  1. We've all laid eyes on or tried out a variety of Koobas... and some of us (not naming names!) could even open our own boutiques with the amount of bags that have been in our possession. Here's a thread where we can rate our Koobas on a few main selling points. The scale is from 1-10. I'll start!

    '05 Olive Sienna
    Looks - 8
    Functionality - 8 (would like more interior pockets)
    Grope-ability - 9
    Weight - 5 (heavier than most)
    Durability - 10 (this bag's been around the block, still looks great)
    Color - 10 (so versatile!)
    OVERALL: 8.3

    Feel free to add more categories as necessary!
  2. '06 Ivory Lucy
    Looks - 8
    Functionality - 6 (main pouch just a little too big, stuff can get lost in there!)
    Grope-ability - 8
    Weight - 8 (comfy to wear)
    Durability - 4 (Ivory isn't so durable in my world, untreated leather is very prone to color transfer)
    Color - 8 (not dull, not too bright)
    OVERALL: 7.0