Rate The Signature Above You.

  1. you know how it goes, ayt?? 10 is the highest and 0 the lowest... [​IMG]
  2. I'm going to say 8..... for the happy news, but lack of pictures ;)
  3. 8 for the pretty bag and cute kitties!
  4. 10 for the great quote and the memoriam to the v tech victims
  5. 9 - Such a cute puppy... and we know his name too!
  6. 10 just because i KNOW WHAT THOSE ALL MEAN! fell in love with balenciaga recently so wee ! :shame: mines boring lol
  7. 9 for having link to showcase!

    Go easy on me whoever is below me...LOL
  8. 9... because u're too funny!

    the first line is about LV ban
    but the 2nd line is about buying at least 4 LVs before june 07 LOL
  9. 10 b/c you want a closet full of bags just like me!!! haha
  10. 10 great pic and cute ticker!
  11. 9 because I said so
  12. 9 because i am holding out until May to buy my Dior and I can relate to the pain of shopping bans! Urgggh!
  13. 8-- Love the Chanel, of course, and unusual but interesting quotes. Very good!
  14. 8- love the link to your showcase!! You have a gorgeous collection!
  15. I'm sure she may not have physically been there, but she was there all the same. (Look for orbs in the pictures)

    9+ love the siggie, cutie kitty and sweet user name.