Rate the new PB design

  1. Clicky Click for PB v5.0!

    What do ya'll think? :happydance:
  2. VERY cool!
  3. I think it looks great Vlad....very clean and crisp looking...great layout! nice job!
  4. sniff sniff :crybaby:

    I just hate change :P

    But mostly cause I love this forum just the way it is :rochard:

    I'm sure your competent hands will make the new one brilliant too tho!!!
  5. love it! great logo and colour scheme
  6. I think it looks cleaner and easier to navigate. Great graphics and color as well. The eye is drawn to every aspect of the page, rather than just a couple of areas. Very nicely done. Thanks.
  7. I really like it! The colors are great! Thanks Vlad for continously making this forum and the purseblog better!
  8. Thanks for the praise!

    The forum's next... :graucho:
  9. Oooh la la!!! I like it! bright, and crisp?! hehe *nods of approval*
  10. Love the new layout, what the forum's next:wtf:
  11. Aye. Visual overhaul. :yes:
  12. Great job Vlad...very visually appealing!! I love it! Kicka**!!!! :yes: :yes: :yahoo:
  13. Vlad, I love it! I love the color combo!
  14. Looks much better, love the logo!
  15. love it!

    (not meant to be rude...but, would the pink/purple throw off the guys who might possibly be looking for a man bag? or is it meant to be typically girly?)