Rate Mariah's African Look

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    Oh, Mimi. Even though we know she likes to wear short, tight dresses to children's charity events, we were a little surprised by the curve-hugging, cleavage-enhancing getup she wore to the opening of Oprah Winfrey's school in South Africa. The pearls are a duly noted conservative touch, and it's always nice to see her with some natural curl in her hair. But a tiger print? Is that a nod to the locale or perhaps a safari was on her schedule later in the day? Well, at least you can say that she dresses for the occasion! On a scale of One to Ten, how would you rate Mariah's oh-factor in this look?
  2. Ok, personally I like he dress and everything, but I think not that event. I think she could have covered a little more.
  3. ^^Yup and I think it's kinda inappropriate to wear in Africa? Am I right?
  4. nice boobs :smile: lol
  5. I like the dress....but I don't think that it's appropriate for the opening of a girl's school.
  6. She always looks tacky in my opinion. Like she wants to pick up.
    This is no different.
  7. I love MiMi! But she should have covered "the girls" up for the opening of the school.
  8. 2 questions:
    Why is this look considered African?
    Aren't animal prints in right how?

    I wonder if this question would be asked if she wore that to an event in New York. I personally like the dress, she's covered up (kinda). Is it appropriate for a school opening, probably not.
  9. She looks rediculous as usual. I don't think she's right in the head. This isn't African, it's just tacky animal print with tacky boobs hanging out. and to the opening of a school? c'mon... you're not going out for martini's, but it's hard to preach class to good ol Mimi.
  10. I (obviously) love tigers and animal prints are very in.

    I also wouldn't see what was wrong with wearing tiger print in Afica, even if tigers lived in Africa; which they don't (tigers live in Asia).

    But I'm not sure about this particular dress...

    ...the print is a little pale and sketchy looking (rather than rich and opulent) and the lace edging seems a little OTT, to me. :shrugs:

    I personally think animal print fabrics have to be of good quality and look sumptuous and expensive (even if they're not), to work well.
  11. I think it is highly inappropriate, but I guess people need to expect that when inviting Mimi, eh? She needs to realize that not everything is about her and her cleavage.

  12. The pupils of the local boys' school are probably very jealous! :lol:
  13. I totally agree with DC Cutie. And that's a good question, why IS this look considered African?:confused1: :shrugs: There's nothing ethnic about it, IMO. It's a cute dress, but I think she coulda gone a more conservative route. Then again, that's her image I s'pose.
  14. I like it.. and I love her!
  15. I like the dress but i think she should've covered up more especially if there were young girls there. I wonder what was going thru their minds when they saw Mariah.