Rate Designer Handbags By Best Resale Value

Oct 17, 2006
A tPF member posted a thread on the hierachy of designer handbags. From the responses, I learned a great deal. Thinking that those designer handbags made the top ones of the list are not necessarily my favorites (based on style and functionality), I wonder if I should also keep resale value in mind when I shop for a designer handbag. After all, I may change my mind after the time limit for store returns, so I may have to sell the bag on eBay. Therefore, would anyone attempt to rank the designer handbags in terms of resale value?
No, because the way things are going with regards to brand names/counterfit suits, and the fact that any resale is automatically dicey...who knows what the rules will be a year from now re: ebay and brand names-there will always be a market, as is evidenced here, and I believe the top bags on that list have the greatest potential...and the greatest risk. I also, having read the thread about the bbag and the owner and the theme of what is being said about selles and auctions...is scary, and it's only going to get worse. Having said all that, I hope you find a bag you love-I have several, decades old, I don't really get the new bug!
I think it depends not only on brand, but model. For example, in YSL, the Muse has much more resale value than the other styles (and would probably have more if there weren't so many fakes clouding the market). Balenciaga (the moto styles), LV, Roberta di Camerino and Chanel seem to have generally good resale value. Prada and Fendi seem to have generally poor resale value, comparatively. I'm not sure about other brands. Maybe another PFer will be able to add more info. I think part of it has to do with end of season sale policy. Fendi and Prada go one sale, sometimes steeply, to make more for new models (although some models get held over). I just bought a Selleria for 40% off and if I had gambled and waited unitl after Christmas, I'm sure I could have done better. But one thing I had to consider is how long it would take me to get bored with the purse, as tends to happen with me. Getting bored with a Fendi means taking a huge cut on resale, even when the bag was purchased at a good discount to begin with.
I don't have a lot of experience with selling really high end bags on ebay (I've sold maybe 3-4 pieces of LV, it holds its value well), but I've noticed that all the Coach bags I sell on ebay do really well. Sometimes I even unexpectedly profit on them. Even some of the older, heavier leather styles sell for much more than you'd think.
IN somehat of an order I think
and Chanel have best re-sell.
Obviously it depends on the specific bag as not all bags by these designers will sell the best.
A man who owns a resale shop told me that the only bags that commands a resale value the same, if not higher, than the retail price, is the Hermes Birkin.