1. I caught the movie this weekend and have to say this movie has something for everyone. I treated both my secretary's daughters to the movie, 7 and 14, along with their mother and they enjoyed it. The animation is amazing and the plotline, while farfetched, makes for an enjoyable scenario. The humor may be more geared to the adults, but there is also plenty of slapstick for the kids. The premise of the movie, a sewer rat who yearns to be a five star French chef, may appear implausible, but the minds at Pixar have pulled it off. Not only do they make the rats lovable, viewers may not be as grossed out at the idea of a whole colony of rats cooking up a gourmet meal.
  2. I thought it was very cute.
  3. It looks so cute, I can't wait to take my daughter!
  4. jusr watched the movie last night, and it was fun!
  5. We are planning to see it this week.

    I keep hearing about how detailed the animation is.
  6. I saw it Saturday with a group of friends and loved it...it was "Disney" enough for toddlers, but there was also some humor involved that didn't make it too "kiddy-like" and made the movie enjoyable for teens and adults alike.
  7. Me and my bf saw it and loved it! Then again we practically waited a whole year to see it! We remember sitting in the theaters for a movie and seeing the preview for it and saying "Summer of 07!? maaaaaan!" It was a great movie though :yes:
  8. I enjoyed it . Despite the lukewarm reviews.
  9. Hopefully going to take daughter to it this weekend. I only heard 1 review....The critic said something like he wished it didn't end, but since it did he would have to go see it again. Not sure which critic, but one of the ones you see on TV all the time. I was surprised by that review.
  10. It looks like an adorable movie :smile: I wanted to see it but the bf wasn't too keen on it saying that he'd go if I wanted to go :roflmfao: So I'll wait for it on dvd.
  11. The kids I took along on sunday loved it! I liked it too...though I think I liked Cars better. I think very realistic rats get an 'ewww' reaction from me!
  12. anyone got the lyrics to Le festin?
  13. I'm going to see this! It seems cute and yet entertaining too. I've been going through an animal animation phase LOL.. first Happy Feet, then Surf's Up (wait.. maybe a penquin phase?? lol) and now I'm going to go see a movie about a rat who loves to cook. :roflmfao:
  14. It was SO adorable. I didn't even want to see it, but I walked out of the theater with the biggest, dorkiest smile on my face. My bf said that I enjoyed the movie more than all of the other the kids in there with us, which is probably true! :p
  15. I think it was very cute. I took my boys to see it on Sun of opening weekend.