Rat follows Cat

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  1. Omg, that's so weird! Lol, they are like buddies! That cat looks alot like my cat! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Omg, so cute! I love cats and rats. These two look like best friends.
  3. Aww, that's cute.
  4. I saw that on dlisted.com last night & wanted to post it! Its teh cutest thing ever! I love when the cat licks the rat! That cat looks so much like my 1st cat Felix but she loved killing mice! I once found her in our backyard playing with a mouse & it was snuggling with her & crawling on her! And my cat was batting it around with her paws but the mouse stayed with her! I let it run away because i'm sure if i didn't see it sooner my cat would have eaten it! I lvoe this video...its the cutest thing ever!
  5. cute!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Aww, that was really cute!
  7. Awww that is precious!:tender: I love rats and cats! That one was on the kitty like white on rice. So cute that they are friendly with each other.