Rasta PVC for a custom bike saddle

  1. Hi Ladies! I know this may sound like an odd request but I'm looking to build myself a custom fixed gear bicycle in rasta colors and would love to have my own custom seat made to match. I want it covered in the Signature Rasta coated canvas but wondered if any of you might know who I might be able to contact for a swatch of that material...maybe this is an impossible request but this is something I'd love to have. If not, maybe there is someone out there with a large bag in the Rasta pattern that would be willing to sell so I can use the fabric for that purpose. Preferably a bag that hasn't been loved and has seen better days because I would never ever ever ever wanna cut up ANY L.A.M.B. bag that stilll has some life left in it.

    Bicycling has become a passion of mine over the last year and I would really like to build a bike that just shouts my name when you see it. Any help or suggestions would be immensely appreciated.
  2. what a great idea..ive been looking for bikes and my friend and i were talking about getting some custom stuff done to them. i dont have a bag that would work, but i do have a rasta graphic i got from the no doubt forum...maybe the custom people could print something up, its hq quality...

    when its done show me pics, oh and if you want graphic let me know. i can email it to you. goodluck! xoxoxo
  3. Thanks, Glamb! But I would actually need to provide the designer with the fabric to cover the seat since he doesn't have it or a way of getting it.

    Good luck on your bike search and customizing it! Let me know if you ever have any bike questions ;)
  4. A L.A.M.B bike would be amazing!

    If Chanel and Trussardi can do designer bikes, so can Gwen :p
  5. I think your best option would be to take the graphic to an apprentice of some sort and have it printed on some type of canvas. The Rasta PVC canvas produced by L.A.M.B. was prone to scratches, etc. - it would not be good for a bike.
  6. I'll see if that's possible, vhsethan. My husband use to work as a graphic designer at a place where they made car wraps and signs. I'll see if they can print on coated canvas or some sort of thick flexible vinyl that won't crack easily.

    Glamblover- I may actually need that graphic from you after all. I'm gonna PM you my email address.
  7. ombrerasta.jpg
  8. ^^Oooo, that looks perfect ninth!
  9. Update: Looks like I won't be building a Rasta themed bike anytime soon but I am working on bike at the moment. It will be purple/royal blue (depending on the light it looks different), orange and white. I'll post a pics once it's complete.
  10. aww cocoa what happened to the rasta one?
  11. I couldn't find the right color frame and when we started pricing services like sandblasting and repainting a frame, the cost was just too high. I had already found someone to print the Rasta Ombre print onto leather, too, but that was gonna be pricey as well. $75 for a swatch of leather just big enough to reupholster a bike saddle...so just the saddle would have been almost $200 for materials (leather + saddle) and reupholstering. For everything we were looking at approximately $900 so I decided to put that off until later. Instead we're investing about $300 to build me a nice purple/dark royal blue, orange and white fixie. I'm really excited about it! :yahoo:

    I'll probably pursue building the Rasta themed bike at a later time. I'm gonna keep searching for the right colored frame and buy parts as I find them. :biggrin:
  12. Curious as to the choice in bike (we own 13/SO has designed and built frames and works w/in the industry. me: ss/42:15, cadd9 opt2/right before production went oversees, surly cx-check for cx-racing/utility) - are you riding the v-drome? Courier? Going brakeless? Brakes?) Old school tubulars? 200$ for a custom saddle is pretty good considering if you've checked out Brooks saddles (gorgeous!!!). Custom painting is costly and surely you checked out auto-shops that do customized jobs (hey, you're in the land of Lance!).

    Have you every checked out the site www.[B]fyxomatosis[/B].com/? A gal friend of mine (Australian) knows the fella who run the site (she's sold a few of her bikes to him) and has had a few of her bikes highlighted --- some BEAUTIFUL shots on that site!

    Good luck!