Rasta Print with Blue???

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  1. Ok, here's my problem....for about 10 days I have been carrying my new Rasta Montego, and I LOVE her. So, I've been wearing reds and greens with my suits to 'match' her. I'm itching to wear some of my blue tops (mainly turquoises and lighter colors), but I'm conflicted because I don't know how that will look with my bag and I don't want to switch to another one right now. I'm kinda of overly critical and anal about that stuff.

    So, seriously, do you carry your rasta print bag with blue?

    Obviously, I need a cheetah or a silver bag to carry as more of a 'neutral' on these days :tup: I'm saving franctically for the sales..........
  2. The only blue i wear with my rasta montego is Navy, and I usually have a Brown or red/green/yellow top on with those pants... Cheetah is a great neutral, I find myself grabing my cheetah Oxford when I want something that goes good with everything.
  3. Yeah, I can see Navy working but not the brighter blues.

    I REALLY need a Cheetah bag!
  4. ^^hunt one down.. there's 30% off of one item coupon @ off 5th.. and there are plenty cheetah bag over there.. :yes:
  5. I wish my off fifth still had cheetah... I hate charge sends (ie the whole shipping issue at my apartment) I wonder if i should call around.
  6. Cheetah is an absolute must have in any LAMB collection! I love that print so much...I think it might just be my favorite. I have four cheetah bags and I love that they can act as neutrals!
  7. I am so tempted to haul a$$ down to Off 5th after work with that 30% coupon and get me a Cheetah Mandeville. But I'm seriously trying to just buy one more bag this year....so I have to make it count. Too much stuff I like right now to commit to the Cheetah, lol
  8. Just came back from my local Off Saks...they had crap. I was good, no bag purchase this time. But I did pick up 3 pairs of Seven jeans :smile:
  9. ^ lol too bad they didn't have very many lambs, but yay you got new jeans!
  10. yea - i got them for such great prices too. they are really a pain in the a** there. she told me I had to use 3 diff. cc's to pay if i wanted to use the 30% off coupons !! WTF is the difference...
    Aiy...whatever..I love the jeans..now I gotta get them all taken up cos' I'm a shortie :smile: