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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
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  4. [​IMG]
    My purchase for 2008. The LV Roxbury Drive in amarante with the LV heart coin pouch in violette.
  5. I love your Dior bag and the Chanel flap! They are super cute! :yes:
  6. i :heart: your Loewe bag. gorgeous
  7. Some older items from my collection:

    1) Gucci waist pouch (I bought it coz as a young impressionable person I saw SJP wear one in SATC. The power of TV)
    2) My Puccis. Well used for weddings and evenings out.
    3) LV Speedy. The Celine scarf was a xmas pressie from my sis-in-law.
    4) Fendi in pink and silver glitter. For nights out when I have to pack more than lipgloss and credit card.
    5) Fendi in red velvet and pink monogram canvas.

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  8. Love your Pucci's too!! The colors are stunning! :yes:
  9. Love your puccis as well!! So pretty
  10. Very cute collection!!!:tender:
  11. Very nice!
  12. Nice collection!
  13. love the amarante Roxbury!!! :drool:
  14. Wonderful collection!
  15. Beautiful collection. :smile: