Raspberry Vernis ?

  1. I've seen this color on some Vernis items. Can you get this color in the Pochette Wallet? I've looked on eLux and Louisvuitton.com but nothing.. I dunno if they are just sold out or what.. Can anyone answer this for me? Thanks so much :heart:
  2. I'm pretty sure the pochette wallet came in that color (raspberry/framboise) but unfortunately it's been discontinued. If you call 866 they may be able to locate one for you, good luck!
  3. Yeah it was available in the Pochette wallet as well as the PTI (like the Pochette wallet but it folds down when opened). The color has been discontinued though. Maybe the 866 people didn't know, which wouldn't surprise me lol...the actual color is called Framboise which is French for Raspberry, so maybe that confused them. ;)
  4. Lol! Ok. It just said raspberry on the site so thats what I said! Well thanks guys! :p
  5. Lol no problem, it's not your fault. Sometimes they don't know what you're talking about even when you use what they have right on the site. :p