Raspberry stella winter appropriate?

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  1. Hey everyone, lately I've been wanting to bring out my MJ Stella in raspberry, but didn't know if this is too bright of a colour or too springy for winter?
    what do you think? rock it or wait till spring?:biggrin:
  2. I say bring it out! Rock it NOW!!!
  3. Rock it! Can we get any pics? :graucho:
  4. bring it out! i love bright colors in winter. and raspberry stella is one of the prettiest colors!! post pics! :yes:
  5. ok here's a pic! Marc Jacobs stella raspberry.jpg
  6. I think it would great in the winter! Lovely color! [​IMG]
  7. rock it, why not? people wear white without any reservations, so color would be just as appropriate. i think the rule is that there are no rules now about which colors to wear during which season.
  8. I agree with tad. All those old rules don't apply anymore. Load Raspberry Stella up (she's gorgeous!) and have a cheery day!!!
  9. Yes! It's awesome for winter. I never abide by season colour rules anyway.

    PLUS, it'll go so well with your RED APPAREL for TEAM CANADA!!!!!!
  10. hahaha it goes well with my red olympics mittens with the white maple leafs on the palms:yahoo:
  11. That raspberry is a lovely color (should I say colour?) and perfectly February-appropriate! If your :heart: wants to carry her now, I say listen to your :heart:
  12. We're bag twins :biggrin: The raspberry stella is great.. the bag is way lighter than a suede lined stella.. less cumbersome over an already bulky winter coat!
  13. Bring it out, bring it out! The punchy color really adds fun into dreary wintery days!