Raspberry OpArt Hailey and couple of PCE goodies

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  1. OMG, I love this Hailey!!!!!! I wanted it so much when it was in stores, but for some stupid reason I never jumped on it. PickyCoachLover enabled me to get one off ebay, and I started to regret it thinking it was a dumb impulsive decision and that maybe I could sell it.

    Well she arrived today and I am in LOVE. This bag is so ME - you have no idea!! :P I got it for $70 because is was missing the long strap and one hang tag - I could care less!!

    Anyway PCL - if you are out there, thank you for enabling me to finally get this bag. I love it. Thank you!!

    I didn't get much for PCE this time but the things I did get look great with the Hailey: the Tartan U-case (because I returned the swing, but wanted something in the tartan) and I finally got this necklace which I've been eyeing since it came out maybe around 6 months ago!!

    I love everything.


  2. OMG. The color on the Hailey is tdf!!!!
  3. pretty color -- and the univ case looks great with her!
  4. Beautiful goodies, thank you for sharing, Anne
  5. I have a chainlink op art Hailey and I absolutely love her.

    The raspberry is such a great color and it's amazing how much this little bag actually holds. I hope you'll enjoy her as much as I have!

  6. :Comes out from under rock:

    It looks fantastic on you. I am so glad you got her (and I know you are too). Take care of that little Hailey!

    (Impulsive decision? Nah....) :smile:

    I plan on getting a black one tomorrow. LOL!
    :Goes back under rock:
  7. I have a Raspberry OpArt Maggie and always get a ton of compliments on the color. Enjoy.
  8. Hailey is a beauty. We are bag twins I just got mine from the outlet and just love her. So soft pretty and slouchy
  9. I have the Ocelot Hailey too, but I think I like the raspberry better. Hailey is THE perfect shoulder bag though.

    Every bag I've seen in this fabric is gorgeous - Audrey, Maggie, Hailey - all beautiful!!
  10. Love your Hailey and the Tartan universal case :biggrin: Cute stuff!
  11. Glad it finally made its way to you, Chrissy; it looks great :smile:! I have an Audrey in that same colour -- it really pops with some outfits :smile: -- and Haileys ARE great bags! So comfy and hold a lot more than you think they would :P!
  12. oh I love it!!! I need one!
  13. I love this hailey! and I love your universal case!!
  14. Great stuff! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. Congrats on a great deal! It's a yummy color and I am so glad that you are so happy with it!