Raspberry Lurex Mini Skinny

  1. Does anyone know if this is still available?
    TIA!!! =)
  2. I see them on eBay from time to time.
  3. I got mine at the outlet :love:
  4. I got mine at the outlet last week for $24!

    I saw the wristlet today. It was $39.99 plus an extra 20% off.
  5. Yup, check the outlets and scour eBay! Good luck!
  6. I got the medium beauty case today, for 47.99. I love it, they did not have any mini skinny though.
  7. My wonderful RAOK buddy sent me one, I LOVE it!! Such a pretty color in my bags!
  8. I bought mine off of eBay for 25.00
  9. I got a mini skinny, a wristlet, a keyfob and a scarf (raspberry) at the Ellenton Outlets on January 2nd!!!:love:
  10. I just received mine in the mail yesterday. i purchased mine on ebay from one of my favorite sellers :smile: for 25.00. Now i'm looking for a purse to match it. i :heart:the raspberry Lurex
  11. there' s one on ebay right now
  12. I got one on ebay last week and should be getting it any day now! I got mine for $40 including shipping. Sounds like the outlets are a better deal if you have one near you so I would check there first!
  13. I got one on ebay last night for $31 plus $6.75 shipping. Not too bad I guess :biggrin: Now I need the key ring!