Raspberry Lurex Mini Skinny..

  1. .. what does everyone think about this one? I have it on hold for me at the Coach Boutique I'm headed to tomorrow night.

    $50.00 seems kinda pricey for a mini skinny but I just love the raspberry lurex!!
  2. I got it as soon as it appeared a couple months ago, I love it to death and it holds my cards and money perfectly. I wear a uniform every day so I wanted a bright and sparkly mini skinny to cheer me up, and it totally works.
  3. I so saw it in your collection photos and it is just so beautiful, I'm going to get it! :smile:

    I was wondering what to carry in it then just realized that I can pop a $20 in it and my license so that I always have that on me when I'm rushing out the door.

    It is just so glitzy! Love it!
  4. I love my black madison lurex so I am positive you will love the raspberry. That is the color I gave my secret santa!
  5. I think it's spendy but beautiful and if you love it, get it! :yes:
  6. I have the wristlet of this color, and I love it!
  7. I don't use mini skinnys but i think the raspberry lurex is gorgeous!!!
  8. i think it's very pretty.. go get it:graucho:
  9. You can absolutely put cards and cash in there, and I tuck the keychain part inside so it isn't dangling everywhere since I don't use it. you can fit it inside the larger wristlets or just pop it in your bag when you don't want to use a wallet!
  10. I like it. The color is really cute!
  11. I think its cute! I think my fiance may have gotten me the gold lurex mini skinny for xmas:yahoo: We'll see!
  12. I love GOLD!!!! IT IS SO GREAT!!!!
  13. That raspberry pink is gorgeous.
  14. I've always loved the lurex line. Every year, I wait 'til it hits the outlets and go ga-ga over them. If I really like it, I'd get it on the spot.
  15. i bought the wristlet in the raspberry during PCE...and love it!!!