Raspberry Juice on vachetta handles...

  1. I just got raspberry juice from fresh ones onto my speedy handles, they are still very light, just slightly patinaned and somewhat dirty since I always carry them with my hands... anyway the question is:

    Is there anything that will neutralize raspberry juice's color without harming the vachetta? I tried to get some of it off with a Q-tip and clean water, didn't work... Do you know how the rasb color will change with time? If it turns a brownish red it will look really yucky (if you get my thought...). Hopefully it stays that way it is right now (blueish red) or at least turn purple but not brownish red...

    I don't wanna change the handle, so I'll simply have to wait for time to change everything to a dark honey colored patina... or is there any secret remedy?
  2. Oh no! I am not sure what will happen but good luck!
  3. I would try pampers sensitive (no alcohol) baby wipes with aloe as soon as possible - if you have waited too long the stains will be permanent. I'm afraid you may have to bite the bullet and buy new handles.
  4. i hope everything works out with the bag in the end
  5. all drugstores will have closed by now, and almost nothin's gonna be open tomorrow in Austria... it's not TOO big, in the middle of the one handle... no food buying with vachetta in the future... thanx for your suggestions anyway!
  6. I would think about a damp cloth then- normally I wouldn't recommend, but a little darker might be better than stained with red. Not wet, just as damp as a baby wipe might be - something to get the sticky red off.
  7. A damp cloth or if they have it the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If they have that, first run over the handles dry, then slightly wet the eraser and run over the handles.
  8. I had some light pinkish stains on the vachetta of one of my bags, after using leather conditioner a few times and waiting for it to develop a darker patina, it's definitely less noticeable now.

    Hope something works for you!
  9. you can try magic eraser just on that spot very very lightly and then condition it well afterwards since it gets dried out!
  10. I would think that as the patina develops, the stain will blend in with the patina.:s
  11. boiling water takes out fruit based stains- so maybe dab it with boiling water... i have never had to do this on leather (and hope that i never have to...) but i have had to do it on a cream chair, light colored rug, many different clothing items, etc. b/c i spill my red wine all over the place. boiling water has ALWAYS worked!!!
  12. Sorry to hear that, I hope some these ideas will work for you.
  13. That boiling water idea sounds interesting. I hope you find a way to get rid of it. Let us know.
  14. How frustrating!! I hope someone's tips will work out for you:smile:
  15. A white clicker eraser, or old fashioned typewriter eraser will remove many stains from vachetta, and it's easier to hit just the spot you're trying to remove. Just don't scrub too hard.