Raspberry has arrived


Aug 2, 2008
After what seemed like an entirely too long of a wait (no seller, parcel post is not the same as priority mail, but anyway), my Raspberry Stella has arrived.

At first I was a tiny bit disappointed, as she just doesn't have that pop of color that the violet does. :sad:

But, while cleaning her out (she had the unwanted bonus gifts inside, LOL) I realized that I really really like the color. I tend to be drawn to bags that really do not go with anything in my wardrobe, but I think the Raspberry is going to be a very wearable pink for me, and I already loaded her up and took her out today. I :heart: her. She does have two ink stains on the lining, but they actually don't bother me. She has some wear on the edges, but I think once I get some cleaner and conditioner on her, she's going to look even prettier.

Thanks so much to all you wonderful ladies who encouraged me to go for her, I'm so glad that I did. The last week has been so stressful with my daughter breaking her ankle & a getting possible concussion after a girl at school pushed her off her seat in the lunchroom, and a pretty new bag just makes everything feel better.

Anyway, here she is...


I took her outside for some photos in the sun, because for some reason I always want photos of bags in the sun...


Though I do think I may still need to add something Violet to my collection someday, that is just one HOT color. :smile:


Jeeze Louise
Aug 30, 2007
Wow, she is a beauty. I really like the colour and, as you say, she should be easy to wear. I can't believe she had little presents inside - some sellers are strange.

Glad it all turned out well in the end. Hope your daughter is ok.

Enjoy Stella!