Raspberry Burberry love

  1. I sold 90 percent of my coach and bought all LV bags but everyone needs a cute Burberry. And size wise this tote is perfect:smile:
  2. That is wonderful! The color just pops!
  3. Thanks Addy!! everyone needs one Burberry or maybe 2 lol
  4. Congratulations! I was browsing Nordstrom's website just now and I am tempted! Modeling pictures please?
  5. That tote is gorgeous :smile: Great purchase!!!
  6. Loving your new bag!!! I love the raspberry colour and how practical the bag is =)
  7. Congrats! Sooo cute!
  8. Awesome bag! Love the colour!
  9. Awesome with the little purse. :smile: Cute.
  10. nice color
  11. Very pretty! I like Burberry, because, especially where I live (Vancouver), every women seem to have a LV, and I find that I stand out more with a Burberry or a LC :smile:
  12. the raspberry definitely goes well with the check :smile:
  13. Spectacular
  14. It's so gorgeous! I've been stalking this bag on Nordstrom's site as well.
  15. Congrats! I ordered the same one and it's supposed to arrive today!!

    Did the small bag come with this bag? If that is the case, I didn't realize that.