Raspberry BRUNA?!

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  1. The raspberry color is gorgeous!:drool: I hope you can find her!
  2. Oh so lovely. That color is so yummy looking, I want to top it with whipped cream and eat it.
  3. i don't the color is as bright irl. it's more muted, watercolor-y like spaceyjacy described it. definitely pretty, feminine, and perfect for spring though. the leather is super super soft.
  4. ^ i agree, the color is very different IRL. almost has a purple undertone.
  5. :tup::heart:
  6. What a pretty color! Hope you can find it!!! It would complement some of the blue/green bags you have....
  7. Where have I been? I hadn't seen this color yet. Gorgeous!!
  8. Wow!! I wonder what it looks like IRL. This style looks fab.
  9. It looks beautiful!!!
  10. I :heart: this bag!! The color is gorgeous, I want it sooo badly!
  11. ITA.

    The color on Elux looks red, very far off IMO.

    The teal Bruna is very pretty too.