raspberry alacantra lining bleeds?

  1. i tried to do a search but couldn't seem to come up with the answer....

    so i just won a mono mizi (my dream bag!) on eBay :yahoo:

    ...but have never owned a bag with the raspberry alacantra lining. does this lining have a tendency to bleed? i just bought a eugenie wallet, and don't want my new vachetta to be turning pink due to the lining. does anyone have any probs with their dark linings and vachetta pieces? i'm so excited to get my new bag and just want to be prepared....
  2. i have never had a problem with the lining bleeding onto anything; I don't have any vachetta accessories, however, but I carry plenty of light colored objects that don't pick up the red color.
  3. ive never used vachetta in my rasberry alcantara lining bags....maybe when you get it you can take a peice of cloth and wet it a bit and rub it on the inside of the lining and see if it rubs off..
  4. Yup, it can for sure.
    My mom has a Peppermint Vernis wallet she carried in one of her bags with that colored lining, and the edges are brownish.
    It's not a problem with vachetta pieces, but lighter colored Vernis items and raspberry alcantra do not mix.
  5. my viva-cite GM ruined my MC wallet. it's not white anymore, it's PINK! i was so upset, but you live and you learn.
  6. it's better to be safe and not carry light coloured accessories if you know that stains would bother you. However, personally I've never had any problems.