Raspail vs neverfull

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  1. Hi there just wondering why the raspail isn't more popular. Seems like a great alternative to the neverfull. I like the handles better and that it has a zipper. I probably wouldn't use the zipper most of the time but it's nice to have. I also like that it doesn't have the leather trim around the edge. Seems hard to keep that nice on the neverfull.
    I don't see many reveals here of it and when I tried it on at the store the sa said she didn't like it. What am I missing? Seems like a great tote? Thank you!
  2. I've owned the raspail in both pm and mm, and it's a very stiff bag. The handles are very uncomfortable. I sold both of them, but if I had kept the mm, I would have only used it as a travel bag. The NF is much nicer to carry ~ soft and conforms to the body, and the handles are quite comfortable for me. I own 3 NFs.
  3. Oh bummer really? Its hard to tell in the store when trying it on especially if its empty. That's a pity since the handles are so pretty. Thanks for your perspective! Ive almost bought the neverfull several times but I can't commit. I keep finding other things to distract me!
  4. raspail is a pain to carry doesn't stay put on your shoulder and that snap thing can come off and get lost.
  5. Definitley get NF!
  6. I have both and I like both. If you get a chance definitely try both of them on to see which better fits your needs:smile:
  7. I like very much the stile of the raspail and how it is refined.
    So last year I went firm to buy it in the MM size but when I tried it on there was something wrong with me. It's like the bag is too"long"if I can explain, something doesn't work with proportion on me.
    The PM is an hand bag and has another kind of look, so I didn't like.
    So I continue admiring it in pictures , but never could buy it.
    Neverfull is another kind of bag, more popular for sure,and less refined, but really very nice when on everybody shoulder.
    Enjoy deciding and keep in touch
  8. I'm not a big fan of how the Raspail looks. Love the neverfull. It's so simple and functional.
  9. I have the DA NF MM, which I've use for travel for years. I just ordered the Raspail MM, for travel and long days out of the house. I really wanted more structure and security for the days I'm out all day and carrying so much stuff.
  10. NF all the way!
  11. I have had the NF and sold it, just didn't like the style on me or the thin straps.

    I own the Raspail Pm and LOVE it. For me the size is perfect, the zipper folds out of the way when not in use, it has a beautiful burgundy lining, is light weight.

    I love that the straps are thicker and rounded, for me it's very comfortable on the shoulder.
    I agree the canvas is a little stiffer...again I like that.,it sits up nicely when getting in and out of it and doesn't flop over.

    I think it's a very under rated bag. I love mine :hbeat:
  12. Im glad to hear arguments for both! Gives me alot to consider thank you. Its so hard to tell walking around in the store. After selling a bag right after I got it for a loss, I'm skiddish about making a mistake! Id rather wait and be sure. It's great to hear multiple experiences with both bags!
    TPF is the best! ;)
  13. I have both as well. They are completely different in my opinion. The Raspail is simply gorgeous- thick, lush canvas that extends inside the bag, zipper, stain resistant burgundy lining, minimum vachetta. It is timeless, classic LV and you can see the quality in all the details. I use my PM as a travel purse with my Longchamps tote and also as a compact, dressy tote if I need more space going somewhere nice. The NF MM is a casual, throw around tote for me to take to my kids' activities. Hope this helps!
  14. it is a newer design compared to the nf,
    also there is a pice difference
    personaly I would try the raspail
  15. One vote for raspail here 😊