Rarissime: 03 lilac city from our tarty PFer!

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  1. Wow Wow Wow!
  2. :drool:
  3. WOW .... what a GOOOOORGEOUS bag :nuts: !! It's so rare, impossible to find anymore . . . OMG . . . if I had the $$$ rioght now I would ..... :yes: :yahoo: - but I can't :crybaby: !! GOOD LUCK everyone :flowers:

    Chauss..... good luck with your sale - it will be sold in a second :love: :heart:

    Louisey.... - thank you so much for posting this beauty :flowers:
  4. Love this color so much...I'll be surprised if this lasts until the morning...good luck chauss!
  5. OH.
    That's about all there is to say about this.
  6. My dream bag!!! :love: :drool:
  7. Can someone list the item number please? I can't access this through the link at work. I really want to see what this looks like.

  8. 290029964061[​IMG]
  9. bwahahaha! tarty Pfer... aint it the truth! :kiss:

    sooo gorgeous, I can't look directly at it for fear of falling into the BIN hole of love! ;) good luck chauss!
  10. Thanks.

    Wow, that is a gorgeous bag.
  11. mocean, i always love your posts.
  12. lol! ain't you cute! *pinches cheeks* :roflmfao: :drinkup:
  13. I would love, love, love to own an 03 Lilac city and I am so close to just hitting the BIN button. These don't come along often right?
  14. No Cilla and this one is a really beauty. Good luck !!:P
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